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Until Tomorrow - Abbie Williams

Patricia/Tish knew she had past lives and at least one of the she had already been with Case but his name was Cole. Tish had seen Cash at her older sister’s - Camille’s wedding when she was eighteen. and had been a bridesmaid. Case had told Tish he loved her but she hadn’t listened. Tish was a lawyer and worked for Al Home. Tish had given up a law career in Chicago and moved to Jalesville. Tish lived in a trailer with Case. They had several animals in their barn. Tish woke from a nightmare, and noticed the barn was on fire which held their animals. Case went out to save the animals but passed out after freeing the animals and Tish hadn’t listened to Cash and went to the barn found Cash passed out and the barn caving in from the fire and she dragged Cash outside and she saved Cash’s life. Tish had burned her lungs and Cash was in a coma. Tish’s father has been a lawyer for twenty years. Then Tish told her dad sub company was buying up an inoperative power plant and its surrounding land. But Tish’s dad found it odd Ron hadn’t told him when Tish had went to Jalesville specifically  to counteract Capital Overland’s activities. Tish had stumbled onto Redd company was part of Ron’s holding. Her dad didn’t want to believe Ron Turnbull  had ulterior motives  concerning Tish’s presence in Jalesville. Also that Ron might have taken advantage of her.  Ron Turnbull was dangerous. Tish wondered if Ron hadn’t had the fire started to warn Tish. Case was Marshall’s best friend and he spent night’s in Case’s room with Tish. Marshall had claimed Ruthann was his a long time ago. But Ruth always had the same boyfriend -Liam although this time she felt a certain pull to Marshall that she doesn’t understand. Tish’s family had come from Minnesota when she herself was in her hospital bed and stayed with her while Case was still in the hospital to give her strength and support for all she was going through with her own  burnt lungs and Case.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the pace and the plot. It was a good read. It was sometimes hard to keep the connections all together correctly from both the past and the present. But I enjoyed the danger, intrigue,tension, and suspense. I liked the way the author does her descriptions in such a way that you can actually picture things in your mind. But I did hate the ending as it was a cliffhanger and as I have said many times in my reviews I hate cliffhangers. But I did feel this was still worth reading. And I recommend.