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The Hunt - Suzanne Jefferies

Amelia was half vampire, half human that would normally put to death. Because she could be turned into a daywalker the most dangerous type of vampire to exist. But Amelia had become a vampire hunter and she and her team went hunt out nests of vampires and destroy But most of all Amelia wanted to kill Fedor who had ruined her life. But the last mission had went wrong and some of her team paid the price. The council had brought in a famous vampire hunter Deloney. Amelia got the council to tell Deloney that she was to be allowed to go on the hunt. While on the hunt at a certain point Deloney told Amelia to stay put but she didn’t listen and Fedor ended up with Amelia  but Deloney ran him off as he was a Amelia werewolf but if known he would be killed.  Amelia and Deloney had a hot chemistry but at the last moment  Amelia pulled away from him.

This wasn’t really for me. It was a short read but I just couldn’t seem to connect with this story or it’s characters.