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Ride All Night - Michele de Winton

Beth’s montra was she was a strong, confident woman with real talent and a future in Hollywood. She worked at a biker bar called Wilde while she was waiting for one of the many auditions she had went  to would pay off. Beth’s idol was Mae West.  Grim’s voice did things to Beth. Beth decided she was going to tell Grim tonight why they should be together. Grim wasn’t a biker but portrayed one and he was coming to Wilde’s to do research. Grim was known to be a playboy in Hollywood. Beth thought Grim could help her get her break in Hollywood. Grim had left the bar and Beth decided to seduce him and went to his room. Beth’s polio vaccine had failed and she had gotten the disease as a baby. It had took multiple  operations over the years and a bunch of titanium hardware and a lot of physical therapy to get her walking on her own. Beth goes to the room Grim is suppose to be at and ends up in bed with Grim brother Rusty. Rusty doesn’t like the idea of Beth being with Grim but strings Beth along saying he would set Beth up with Grim. Rusty’s plan is to Beth pretend to be his office manager  to increase the ratings on the reality show about his garage. Rusty is a member of the Raising Hellfire MC.

I didn’t really like this book. I didn’t like how Beth seemed to care so much for her breasts. I didn’t connect with Beth as a character and didn’t really like her. I didn’t like how she hoped Grim would help her get a break in Hollywood. There really wasn’t a lot of positive in this book for me.