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Drakon's Prey (Blood of the Drakon) - N.J. Walters

Karina is the leader of the Knights Of dragons - a human organization that captures Drakons, If a human drinks the blood of s drskon it helps them to stay young and heal any illnesses or injuries. The only Drakon known of at this time is Darius and the Knights were using all the resources available to them to find him. A Drakon had a human mother and a dragon shifter father,  Valeriya is Karina’s sister but she had been raised mainly by kindly grandparents and wanted nothing to do with The Knights of Dragons. Valeriya writes and illustrates children’s  books with the main character is a magical dragon.  Valeriya feels if she could do one good thing against the Knights she would be happy. Valeriya wants to warn Darius that the Knights were looking for him. Valeriya goes in her sister Karina’s office and gets an address to a cabin in the woods. Valeriya goes there but what she doesn't know is that beneath the cabin Darius’s  younger brother Torrent has his underground lair. Torrent has lived over four thousand years. Torrent has high security above ground and he seen Valeriya long before she came to the cabin. Torrent didn’t know if she was a danger or what she wanted. Torrent has made a fortune and runs it but computers. Drakons are solitary by nature. His beast wants the women and his human side wants answers. The only way to get answers was to take Valeriya and kidnap her so Torrent can question her. Torrent didn’t trust easy but he didn’t believe that this woman meant him or his brothers any harm. Then Torrent slowly let his guard down and Valeriya was falling for Torrent. But Karina was not taking Valeriya disappearance lightly.

I liked this book. I do wish there had been more action. I do advise you to read the first book in this series first as it helps you to pull everything together. I love Torrent and Valeriya together. I didn’t really care for Karina and felt she would sacrifice her sister if she had to if it helped the knights. This book contained: The Knights Of dragons, Drakons, an ancient war, suspense, danger , intrigue  hot romance, kidnapping and alot more. This did drag for me a little at times. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.