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Romancing the Rogue - Erica Ridley

Miss Rebecca Bond was nobody’s fool and she was desperate and destitute. She had lived for five years virtually unnoticed in Castle Kaynor and she had come to think of it as home but now she was worried about losing her home. Few people even remembered an orphan named Rebecca lived in the castle. Including the Earl of Banfield himself who was very sick. He had allowed Rebecca to stay at the castle when her parents had died in an accident. Rebecca had a head for numbers and had become the Earls secretary even if he didn’t know it. After all this time Rebecca had felt like she had a home again and then the maid told Rebecca the old Earl had died. Then the new Earl- Allan Hambly - came out of the old Earl’s bedroom Then Rebecca told him that she was his niece and the old Earl had let her live at the castle and she asked if she could continue to live there and he told Rebecca they had to find her a husband and she needed to get  married  and she had three months. He would put up a diary of five hundred pounds that would go to her husband once Rebecca married him. Rebecca knew she was just a problem to be solved to the new Earl. What Rebecca wanted was her freedom  not a husband. Daniel had once been Rebecca dear friend and she thought they could be even more but when Daniel became Lord North Barrows changed and broke Rebecca’s heart.  Daniel became the Rake of London. Daniel knows Rebecca deserves an apology but Rebecca refuses to accept the apology. Daniel loves Rebecca he always has but Daniel had responsibilities in London and Rebecca deserved the country to be herself. Rebecca had been the one woman to treat him like a man not a title. Rebecca now wanted Daniel’s help to find a husband.

This was a fun light hearted romance that I really enjoyed. I liked the plot and the pace. I like how Daniel seem to lose all his poise when around Rebecca. This was a short read. This kept my attention from the beginning to the end. I didn’t really understand why the new Earl couldn’t let her stay in the castle she didn’t bother anyone with the old Earl was alive. I was happy to see Daniel and Rebecca together. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.