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great book and great characters

The Formidable King - Alyssa J. Montgomery

King Gabriel de la Croix was meeting with the Managing Director -Linda

Linda was Managing Director of Gabe’s sister-Eden who had been murdered- charity. Gabe knew ths woman even though it had been six years she was Gabe’s Cinderella to his Zorro . He had met her at a masquerade ball in London that was an excuse to have a drugged /drunk orgy. Gabe had wanted to spend time with Linda even though he was engaged but she was suppose to return to him but never did and made a fool out of him in front of his best friends. He had also been told Linda had left with the Sultan’s son. Not knowing the man in the musketeers costume had told her “ Zorro was engaged”. Gabe had recognized Linda by her very rare violet eyes and she was very tall for a woman. Gabe still wanted her and that made Gabe very angry as she was a gold digging party playgirl like his wife Princess Angelina had been before her death. Gabe could not believe had had been corresponding with her for at least two years in her capacity of Managing Director of The Princess Eden Foundation charity. Gabe noticed a scar under her eye that had been covered by makeup. Gabe then noticed the engagement ring on Linda’s finger. But he didn’t know it was a fake engagement. Linda told Gabe how her and Eden had been close whenever Eden was in London they had tea and they talked on the phone a lot when Eden wasn’t  in London.  Gabe then labeled Linda as a lair with everything else.  Then Gabe started to interrogate Linda and was rude and crass. Gabe felt Linda needed to be taught a lesson. And be exposed for who she really was. Then Linda mentioned Gabe going to Africa for a week for the dedication of the hospital and the school  and Gabe told her she had to go also or the board of directors may get a  mention by Gabe himself  and question her true dedication. Linda would not tell Gabe the real reason she couldn’t go to Africa. But when there he found out and married Linda to keep her safe and alive.

I loved this book. It was a great romance but had a lot to it like intrigue, a hard childhood, manslaughter, an inquest into alleged murder, rape of a minor, and so much more. I loved Gabriel and Linda together once he got past being so nasty to Linda. I loved how Gabe was so honorable and put his kingdom and people first until Linda’s life was in danger.  I loved how good and caring Linda was.

This was just an all around great book. I loved how the author handled rape and all that can follow after.I couldn’t find anything to complain about and the was great.  I loved the plot and pace of this book also. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.