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good book and characters

A Sheikh for Christmas (All I Want for Christmas is...) - Leslie North

Daveed’s best friend Heath had been dumped a month before his wedding by Melody who had taken off with an actor- Jefferson- out of the country and later found out he was gay and using Melody for  media attention. Daveed was at Heath’s condo and then Melody showed up there soaked and having nowhere to go or anyway to turn to as her parents had disowned her. Melody said her parents had planned for a long time for her to marry Heath but even though she got engaged she figured they would never marry. Daveed could never resist a crying females. Melody said she had been lonely and Heath just ignored her and  had kept reenlisting in the service. Leaving her alone. Daveed had been a counter terrorist expert and knew Melody wasn’t putting on an act. David knew about forced engagements he had left his country because of a forced engagement made when he was ten and the girl was six. Melody ended up helping Daveed to solve some of the words and an address from the coded message Murphy's sister -Aileen-had hidden in her books. Murphey, Heath, and Daveed  were best friends and had been in the service together and stayed close. And then Murphy's sister had been missing for almost two weeks now. Daveed was very attracted to Melody and he knew he had to stop it as she was Heath’s ex.  

I really enjoyed this book . I loved the romance even if it was rather fast. But the author left us hanging on if  Aileen was ever found or what had happened to her. So I was disappointed there but otherwise I really liked the plot the pace was also good for the most part. I also loved how Melody inched her was into Daveed against his will. But all and all this was a good fun quick read. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.