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great book and great characters

The Competition (Da Vinci's Disciples #2) - Donna Russo Morin

In this time women could draw at home but not be an artist that was for a man to do. These women had to develop their talent in hiding as women were not allowed to be artists. Women were supposed to have children and run their homes.  These women were learning to be better artists  with Leonardo Da Vinci  as their mentor. The women were hoping this time would be there chance to be recognized by other artists. Viviana is an artist who belongs to a group called The Disciples Of Da Vinci. Viviana, Isabella, Fiammetta, and Mattea are all members of this group. The risks these women are willing to take for their art. The women were lucky in that Da Vinci’s thinking was ahead of his time and were willing to teach this women to better their art. The women want to bid on some work to be done on a chapel in time. Lorenzo unofficially runs  Florence  and has changed since his brothers death so the women have hope things may change for them and their art. The women do get permission from Lorenzo to work on the chapel  but Lorenzo doesn’t believe they have the talent or the ability to be successful. The church is against women painting especially in a place of worship. Florence is not ready to recognize women as artists as artists have a lot of  power in  Florence. Also the attention may disrupt their lives and there was a chance of physical violence being brought to these women. Than Da Vinci was sent  to Milan as by Lorenzo as he had a lot of unfinished projects so the women ow see less of him the last couple of years. Although he does visit the female artists at least once a month. Leonardo came to the meeting where they discussed working on the chapel and he told the women to go home and tell their families before they did anything else.

I enjoyed this book. I loved the fact it told Da Vinci’s POV and I liked the plot and the pace of this. I also liked the fact Michelangelo was brought up when he was nine years old.  I thought this was very well written. I also really enjoyed this book and felt these women were courageous. I am happy I am in the generation I was born in. To be so limited to what you were to do with your life. I felt the characters were great as was the book itself and I highly recommend,