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great story, great characters

Heartbeat (Hollywood Hearts Book 3) - Belinda Williams

Chloe’s good friends were Faith, Ally, and Lena . It was Chloe’s twenty first birthday party. Tonight five hundred people would be joining Chloe and her friends at her mother's estate. Chloe’s mom was a retired actress. Chloe couldn’t believe the band Gypsy Hour would be playing at her birthday party. Chloe had been acting since she was six so she was a well known actress known for her innocence and sweetness. Chloe couldn’t wait to meet the members of Gypsy Hour and she had a crush on the drummer Gabe. Chloe was innocent as she was still a virgin. Chloe did have a great time at her party even if she had been a little awed by Gabe. Chloe had drank a lot more than she normally did but you only turned twenty one once. At about two a m Chloe had to go to the bathroom and decided to use a guest bathroom and went into the guest room and Johnny was there with only his jeans on. He gave Chloe a birthday kiss and gropped her chest for a second and then Chloe slapped him. Someone had taped it but left out the slap. It was all over the internet shortly thereafter. Then an offer came through Chloe’s agent to d a music video with Gypsy Hour. Chloe didn’t want to do the video she felt she had blown her chance to get to know Gabe. But Chloe sis end up doing the video and talks to Gabe and they end up dating each other.

I loved this book. It was a short terrific enjoyable romance I loved how Chloe always believed in Gabe. I also loved how Chloe got Gabe and her very shy brother Damon to meet and start jamming together. I loved how close and caring Chloe was with Damon. I loved how the author showed how difficult coming out of the closet especially in a famous family was especially for someone like Damon. I thought there was a lot of realism in this book. I love how protective Gabe was of Chloe. But also Viktor who cared more than a bodyguard normally would about Chloe. I adored the ending of this book it was just great and brought everything together. I loved Chloe and Gabe together. I loved the plot and pace of this book. I loved Chloe and her good friends relationship and how they were all there for her. I couldn’t find a single thing I didn’t love about this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of thos book and I highly recommend.