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Holiday Affair - Annie Seaton

Lissy was no more prim and proper Dr. McIntyre. She could imagine the reaction of her history colleagues at the University if they could see her in backpack mode. She was now at the end of her first day of ehr sailing adventure. Then she went to take a picture of the sunset and she saw a sailor interrupt her  picture. He was up the mast. Then when he came down toward ehr he was singing a bawdy sea song and Lissy laughed and finished off the last two lines of the song with him. The man introduced himself as Nick as he sat with her and got them both a beer to toast the sunset. Lissy was a history professor and she had left the university to settle her grandfather’s ashes and then flown to the tropics for a restful holiday to absorb her grandfather’s death. Nick was one of the best looking men Lissy had ever seen. As Nick left to help his friend with the boat he turned and called Lissy “Angel Face” and to save him a dance. Then a girl came up and told Lissy she was the “chosen one” and why. Lissy now thought Nick was a jerk and she had no intention of falling into his bed. She also thought one absent backpacker father was enough for her family. But she felt Nick needed to be taught a lesson. Lissy grandfather had been the only stability Lissy had ever known. Nick had noticed Lissy standing apart from the group and she had kept to herself most of the day. Nick had also seen her brush away a couple of tears. Nick thought a fling with Lizzy would be the perfect way to end his last trip on the boat , no commitment, no strings just the way Nick liked it. It was time to get back to work and finish the report or his funding would dry up. The recent calls from his family indicated it was time to go home and be the dutiful son and brother for awhile. The close bond that held him, his sisters, and brothers was fostered by their mother. Nick went to share another beer with Lissy and give it a while then admit there was more to him than just a drifter in the Islands. Nick who rarely backed away from a challenge was intrigued by Lissy. He had avoided this sort of situation for years since Olivia had dumped him for a richer prospect, He swore a pretty face would never suck him in again and ah had lasted ten years with his playboy style life. It had been two years since Nick had been home. Nick and Lissy slept together the night before they were both supposed to leave because of an early plane Nick didn’t wake Lissy to say goodbye or even leave a note. Lissy had a friend-Tom- she would go to dinner with on Friday nights she even paid for her own dinner. But this time Tom told Lissy he wanted her to think about Tom as a prospective husband as he had a life plan and wanted to be married by thirty five. He also asked her if she would accompany him to his family’s house this time as his brother Dom was coming home and all the family would be together and it would be the perfect time for her to meet them as they didn’t all get together that often and Lissy agreed to meet Tom’s family. Also Dom was the new professor and actually would be Lissy boss. Then at dinner lissy found out Dominic was actually Nick she had spent the night with. The one who had the final say if Lissy gets her promotion she had been trying for. Also the cottage that Lissy lived in had been turned into two apartments and Nick would be living in the other apartment. When Lissy went to work Monday she found out she was to be the research assistant for Nick’s project. Nick can’t seem to stay away from Lissy, he had never bees so attracted to someone before. How were they ever going to work together and live side by side?

This was a very pleasant, short, enjoyable read that had everything it needed in it for the story to be complete. I loved Nick and Lissy together and how they reacted to each other. This made me chuckle at times. I felt bad that Lissy had lost her grandfather but then she met Nick when she was at the islands. I Liked the plot and pace also. This was a predictable but I did still really like it. I was glad Tom had found Jill and wasn’t hurt by lissy especially with her and Nick. KI love dhow Tom’s- and Nick's- mom accepted Lissy and was there by Nicks side when he found out about Lissy accident. There was a little drama between Lissy and Nick but it just added to the book. I liked the  characters and the ins and outs and I recommend.