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great story, great characters

A Crazy Kind of Love (Flirting with Fame) - Mary Ann Marlowe

Josephine/Jo was paparazzi. Jo’s boss was Andy. Jo had two cameras across her chest bandito style when she surprisingly came across someone famous-Maggie Gyllenhaal with her two daughters. As Jo went to take the pic of Maggie and her girls when a red blob in front of her camera. And it turned out to be a gorgeous man but he had ruined her shot. The man introduced himself as Micah and offered and then had her get on his shoulders for another chance  but Maggie noticed her and took off in the opposite direction. Then Micah asked for Jo’s card and gave her his. After she went back to the office she found out that she had been talking to Micah Sinclair. -Theater Of The Absurd who was a sought after commodity. Jo had been hunting celebrities for a couple months now. Jo needed to get some pictures before Andy fired her. Andy sent Jo to be outside where a A Lister party was being held. Micah showed up and recognized jo and invited her to be his date and come inside to the party. Adam Copeland was a huge rock star was playing his guitar and singing just like an everyday guy at a party. Micah gave Jo a ride home and kissed her but jo was type A diabetic and was having an episode of low sugar and she left him on the sidewalk as she hurried into her house and called Zion for help and he carried her up into their apartment and got her  a juice box then a banana to bring her  glucose  levels back up to normal. Zion was her roommate and best friend and he took care of her when she needed help like now. But Jo ran into Micah again and eventually they started going out. But then Micah told her he loved her and Jo didn’t believe in love at first sight and barely believed in love at all. She didn’t want to be hurt and she wondered when Micah would dump her as he had so many others before her as Micah was known to be a man-whore.

I absolutely loved this book. I didn’t want to put this down and only put this down for some sleep. It was a fun, good, enjoyable romance. I loved the fact that even though Eden hated paparazzi she grew to trust and care for Jo. I loved Jo and Micah together. I loved how Micah worried about her diabetes. I also loved how the author put this disease in her book and portrayed it and what a person went through. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t love about this book and that was great. Loved the plot and the pace also. I loved Eden's desire for revenge for what Andy had done  to her. I was happy when Jo finally quit working for Andy. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.