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great book and great characters

Lure of Oblivion (Mercury Pack) - Suzanne Wright

Gwen crept closer to her home  and saw all three males -who were nineteen- who hadn’t got the message to stay away from her home. The males had spray paint with them and apparently were going to make a mess of her truck if not the house which was also a B&B. Brandt was the ringleader of the trio who said she could make all the harassment stop if she changed her statement. Gwen had seen Brendt beat a drugged female shifter -Andie- with a metal pole as his buddies cheered him on and even kicked Andie when she was down months ago. Gwen had found them at the border of her family’s land. Gwen had shot at them several times before they finally ran off. Then she had taken the drugged and shaken Andie to her home. Gwen called the sheriff but it hadn’t done any good  as the boys weren’t arrested and were only questioned for about an hour then released. The sheriff was tight with Brandt’s father Ezra  who was socially influential. Neither thought Andie deserved any rights as she was a shifter. Even though Gwen was human she didn’t believe that was right. Andie reported the incident to the shifter council which could punish humans who committed crimes against shifters if human law enforcement didn’t. So Brendt would have to stand before the council and he didn’t want that. So the boys harassed Gwen trying to get her to change her statement like Andie had as they had frightened her to death. But Gwen stood firm. Gwen didn’t back down from anyone. The council didn’t care once an incident had been reported, the council always  investigated it.  Then the boys saw Gwen’s foster uncle Donnie with his shotgun aimed at them and ready to shoot and they then decided to leave. Donnie was ex military and the ultimate conspiracy theorist. He was also a little unstable and often disappeared in the woods for days at a time. Donnie felt more at ease outside surrounded by nature. LOcals thought Donnie was eccentric when actually he was extremely intelligent and a strategic mastermind. Donnie had trained Gwen to defend herself , he had also trained Gwen how to use many of the weapons he had stashed at different places. Marlon was Gwen’s foster brother and she had a foster sister named Julie. Zander and Bracken were enforcers, Eli was the head enforcer.  Nick was their alpha and Shaya was Nick’s mate and they were in the Mercury pack. Zander;s uncle had died and he had to go to the lawyer's office for the reading of the will. Brecken was going with Zander.Zander didn’t need or want comfort He didn’t seem to grieve the way others did. He hadn’t cried when his parents died though they had cast him off years ago and favored Rory who was Zander’s identical twin. But Rory had never been a true brother to Zander. Rory was smart and a computer analyst.  Winning was the most important thing to Rory. Zander wasn’t looking forward to spending the weekend around humans. Gwen had come to live with the Millers as a foster child when she was eight. For some going into foster care was a nightmare but for Gwen it was a blessing. Zander had booked two days in Gwen’s family’s B&B. His voice had done funny things to Gwen. Gwen had always been intrigued by shifters and the dynamics of packs, prides, flocks, etc and also shifting into animals had to be cool. She envied that. Zander’s wolf was like him- hard, shrewd, and distrustful. They were also never rattled by anything. But there was something about Gwen that made his wolf very cautious. The beast feared nothing yet he backed away from Gwen. The wolf watched Gwen carefully, he was still and quiet. It wasn’t that the wolf didn’t like Gwen as he found her voice soothing and and he liked her scent. As a rule Zander was good at reading and predicting people. But he couldn’t quite grasp what was troubling his wolf about Gwen.

I absolutely loved this book. I found nothing to complain about. I loved how Gwen was determined to stick up for Andie even though she was being harassed and threatened. I absolutely loved Zander and Gwen together. I loved how they were both wounded  who help both help people at a distance. I loved how Zander’s pack really came to care about Gwen. I didn’t like Corey at all but I don’t believe we were suppose to he is just a complete immature egotistical butt.  There was: family drama, shifters, prejudice action, drama, suspense, intrigue, danger, romance and so much more. This was an enjoyable fun read. I smiled at times but also choked up at times while reading this book. Once I started reading this my attention stayed all through this book from beginning to end. I didn’t want to put this down. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.