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good book and characters

Wolf Hollow (Wolf Hollow Shifters, Book 1) (Volume 1) - Nikki Jefford

It was two days before the full moon and Sasha was on patrol. Aden was Sasha’s patrol partner.  Sasha and Aden provide security. Then Sasha caught the horrible stench of a vulhena. The elders thought the vulhena were formerly cougars that had mutated after feeding on diseased human corpses. Like humans vulhena couldn’t see in the dark nor come close to a wolf’s sense of smell. But they were vicious creatures especially when they banded together.  Sasha jumped out at the vulhena.  Vulhena had killed several elders a while ago including Sasha’s parents and she had seen their half eaten bodies, Sasha wanted Aden but he seem to only want friendship. Sasha didn’t want to push it and lose Aden’s friendship. Sasha had only had sex before with one wolf-  Wolfric and he had broken her heart. In the beginning  Wolfric and Sasha couldn’t keep their hands off each other easily accepting their parents and elders wish to claim each other and keep their line pure. But after both their parents gruesome deaths by the vulhena   Wolfric rebelled. Against the surviving three elders. Wolfric took off never to be seen again but Sasha had stayed and served the people. Sasha is next in line to take over the pack. Humans were cruel to shifters if they managed to catch them. Sasha ends up falling for tabor who was a half breed half wolf and half wizard. Most of the pack as well as the elders does not want to see Sasha and Tabor together. The elders invite another purebred wolf - Hectar- at a mating dance hoping the wolf and Sasha will claim each other as mates. Sasha had a necklace so Hectar could tell who she was and Sasha took it off so Hectar wouldn’t recognize her.  The pelders want to get Tabor and another wolf out of the pack and trick them and Tabor is being held by humans.

I liked this book and it was a definite change of background for a shifter book. I liked the plot and pace and really didn’t want to put this book  down. This book had: action, suspense, intrigue, romance, prejudices, fights, tricks, cruelty, surprises, and much more. A different slant on a shifter book. I didn’t understand what the difference between a werewolf and a shifter I don't feel that was made clear.  I liked how Heidi stood up for what she believed in. I didn’t particularly care for Garrett. I enjoyed reading this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.