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good book and characters

The Irredeemable Billionaire (The Muse Series) - Lexxie Couper

Grace is a widow whose job is being a paramedic and she has a son named Cody. Grace had been married to a firefighter who got killed in the line of duty during a fire. It has been two years. Grace promised she would never replace her deceased husband.  Then Grace's childhood neighbor Sebastian and arch enemy shows up at her door to be Cody’s Big Brother. Both Grace and Sebastian/Seb are shocked.  Seb is now a famous movie director. Sebastian is in Sydney preparing for the premiere of his latest project. Seb is used to getting what he wants. Seb had been out with friends and several beers later he sees a hat he wants to try on in - Hugo’s Boss Boutique- so he broke the store window so he could try on the hat. Sebastian received community service for his misadventure. His community service was to be a Big Brother to a younger boy. Seb had constantly teased Grace growing up ,making her life miserable. But Grace gave as good as she got. Sheila is Grace’s friend and tried to help,  they had also grown up together. Sheila also runs Big Brother. Big Sister program. Sheila had put Cody’s name in to get a big brother without telling Grace. Cody is a movie geek and he and Seb bond over their love of movies. Grace doesn’t date there isn't time after work and Cody. Grace has a neighbor who brings her coffee unannounced in the morning. He is trying to insert himself into Grace's life. Even after their past Seb awakens a sleeping part of Grace and makes her want more.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a fun, silly,enjoyable read. Cody definitely added to the story and I just loved him. I liked the pace and the plot of this book a lot. I loved Seb and Grace together. At times this choked me up and at others made me smile. I do think Grace should have let go of the past sooner than she did and I think Seb should have gotten over being full of himself and being a butt a lot sooner than he did also. All and all this was a good read. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I recommend.