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Set the Stage - Karis Walsh

Emilie is finishing her shift at a fast food restaurant. Emilie is giving her two week notice as she is  returning to her true passion the stage to act at the Oregon Shakespeare festival. Emilie had been a promising actress but had given up her career to follow her then girlfriend to Europe . But they didn't end up working out. Emilie had more scars than happy memories from her ex girlfriend.  Now Emilie is getting a second chance at acting and she is very excited.   Arden was a gardener/ groundskeeper/artist who works in the nearby- to where the festival is being held- Lithia Park.  Arden has a history of dating actresses but only ends up being heartbroken.   Emilie has already signed a contract for the Shakespeare festival. EWnilie is determined to concentrate in her acting no romance. Arden had followed her grandfather around Lithia Park and watched the work he did. But her grandfather had passed away now. Then Arden went to school and got a degree in  Arden was used to people leaving her. Arden’s parents had left her with her grandparents to pursue their own careers when Arden was about four. Arden stumbles across Emilie for the time  when Emilie  is in the park practicing one of her roles. Emilie and Arden are immediately attracted to each other but Emilie says they can only be friends.

I liked this book for the most part just not into reading about lesbians and their romantic relationships. I did feel this was well written. I also like how the setting was portrayed. This book lacked passion but considering about a lesbian couple that was okay with me, I also liked the double POVS. I did like the romance was slow burning. But I did think there was too much repetition about Arden’s and Emilie’s issues.

I liked this book for the most part. I liked there wasn’t a lot of sex involved. I don’t judge women together I just don’t want to read about it. I did like how Arden and Emilie supported each other. I loved the ins and outs of this story and I recommend it.