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great story, great characters

The Right Kind of Reckless (Reckless Hearts) - Heather Van Fleet

Lia hit her soon to be ex boyfriend Travis  in the nose after he had caught him having sex with her coworker Aubrey outside the bar Jimney’s that  they worked at by the dumpster. Lia worked there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. She was also a barista at  a coffee shop three days a week.  Patricia lia’s boss was sending her home when the cops had showed up and Lia was arrested. Lia couldn’t call her brother to come bail her out so there was only one person she could trust to call and that was Max who was her brother’s- Collin- best friend. Max answered his phone and even though he was with a one night fling and they had fallen asleep he told Lia he would be there in ten minutes and he was and bailed her out. Lia didn’t have the money to bail herself out as she had just paid her last college tuition payment. Aubrey had accomplished what she had wanted to do from the start when they were both hired the same day. She had ruined Lia. Max made it clear to all the girls he was with they were only one night deals. Max was excited that Lia had called him for help and not Collin. Max deeply loved the one person he couldn’t have his best friends little sister- Lia. Lia had been crushing on Max for years he just didn’t know it. When Max would pull away from Lia it only made her want him more. Collin’s daughter-Chloe/Beaner’s mother had died and Collin had custody of her but Gavin- Collins and Max’s other best friend =they three men had met in bootcamp- adored the little girl. Collin had a beautiful girlfriend Addie and she made a great mom for Chloe. She was also Lia’s only female friend. Then Lia got a notice from the college she was still one thousand dollars short on paying off her tuition and until it was paid she could not get her diploma to get a good job. Travis had dropped the assault charges but the last three days all he did was call and leave voice messages and ask for a second chance and that he wanted Lia back he had said he even understood why she had punched him but  she wanted nothing to do with Travis. Max had been a serial dater but on Wednesday Addie had stopped at the coffee shop with Chloe and told Lia that Max had said he wasn’t dating anymore that he wanted to look for someone and settle down with. Yet all week Max had asked about Lia according to Addie. Lia acted l8ike nothing bothered her it was easier. Lia had played the role of the carefree whack job , she had built that role for the last five years.  Lia had two secret goals - pay off her tuition and get her diploma. Max realized he someday wanted a house, a wife. A couple of kids exactly what he had never had growing up. Eventually while at the bar Lia admitted to Max she was in love with him and had been for awhile  and then turned to walk away as she knew Max loved her but as a best friend/sister. But Max stopped her and told Lia he loved her  for a long time also.

I loved this romance. It was a sweet, fun, and  beautiful read.  I loved the friendship Collin. Max. and Gavin had. Also the one between Lia and Addie. I also loved Collin and Lia’s parents and how they loved Colin’s best friends too. I also loved how Lia’s parents knew max and Lia lobed each other and were all for it. I think Chloe/Beaner Collin’s young daughter added a lot to this book. I couldn’t find anything to complain or dislike in this story and that was great. This book choked me up at times and made me laugh at others. I felt this was also well written. Once I started reading this book I didn’t want to put it down. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I highly recommend.