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good book and characters

Up In The Heir - Ruth Cardello

Hailey was in a taxi on her way to a new place to live and job owth her seven year old niece Skye. hailey’s brother ryan and her sister in law had been in a fatal car crash a year ago. Hailey was given full custody of Skye as Ryan had left Hailey to raise Skye on the event of his death. Hailey was still desperately trying to reach Skye. Hailey had lost her job because she had used all her vacation and sick days to be with Skye. Hailey had been in a panic when she seen her current job advertised in the newspaper. Hailer was now the personal assistant to an elderly lady who lived in a mansion by the ocean. Lodging was included as well as a good paycheck and more important medical insurance. It was hardly a dream job but it did pay good and gave Hailey security. The woman shared the same last name as the man who wasn’t there for her when she needed him so bad back in college after her father had died.But they broke up mainly due to immaturity and poor communication.  Hailey had felt college wasn’t for her any more and quit and then left Spencer as all he really seemed to care about was work and that was all he had time for also. Spencer had needed odd jobs to get enough money for used equipment for his garage computer lab. Now Spencer was a millionaire and owned  his own company. Delinda was Hailey’s employer but little did Hailey know she was Spencer’s grandmother and planned on using Hailey to get Spencer back in the family fold. When hailey lost Spencer she did however learn she didn’t need Spencer to survive and that made her stronger. Hailey had left college and went home to her brother Ryan. raising a traumatized Skye didn’t come with instructions. Skye had refused to go to school after her parents death and when forced to she reacted with such deep despair experts were brought in . Skye had completely shut down- refusing to speak . No one expected it to last but it had. With a recommendation from the school and her therapist Skye was to be homeschooled by a certified teacher. Months later Skye was still withdrawn. She refused to see her old friends or to speak. Skey’s teacher - Mrs Tilbury said Skye was working above grade level  as long as all assignments were done in writing. All Skye seemed to enjoy was reading and only the books from Skye’s old house.    Skye had been a free spirited boisterous child but not anymore. Spencer is miserable as well as lonely After finding out he had been lied to all his life by his family about  who his real biological father was.  Spencer had cut himself off from his family.  Spencer works hard in the daylight hours and drinks and runs with fast women at night. Delinda asks hailey to pick up a package for her downtown and Hailey runs into Spencer. Hailey had been Spencer's one true love and Hailey had never really gotten over Spencer. Zthr chemistry and feelings are still there for both Spencer and Hailey.

I enjoyed this book. I liked the plot as well as the pace a lot. I liked how Spencer grew in this book. This was a quick, enjoyable second romance.book. There was a lot of family drama. I liked the different POVs shown also. I loved the relationship that formed between Skye and Delinda. I advise you to read the first book in this series as it will pull everything together for you. I loved how close Ryan and Hailey had been. I also felt this was well written. I liked Spencer and Hailey together and I liked that Spencer stopped being such a jerk. I liked the characters and the ins and outs and I recommend.