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Forever Hunted - Carolina Montague

Kim had been murdered twenty hours ago. Now Kim was on the run from her killers. If they caught her this time and killed her she wouldn’t be coming back. Rakesh was her love, and miracle. Rakesh scanned every bit of news  and Kim asked if there was  news of the virus. Rakesh said nothing that tells him how more than ten thousand died in one night. He said this virus was different from any seen before. According to some information Rakesh’s contact had sent him the injection Kim had been given by Professor Singh was a blend of virus and complex substances for the elderly. That is why it took longer to kill the initial victims. Kim was no longer human she was a vampire. Kim asked if there was anything they could do, anything that will stop the virus.? Rakesh  said first they had to survive. First they were going to Arizona as rakesh had contacts there, places they could stay. Then Rakesh added there was some things he had to tell her before they landed. He told Kim- the one -Kronos- who is chasing them knows  Rakesh. They had been like brothers. This made their escape more  difficult. There were some place the man didn’t know about. Also they couldn’t contact Sean- Rakesh;s contact- until they had better equipment. He added all of the Born-Ones will be inclined to turn on her because he made Kim like him. That held a death sentence. Rakesh told Kim she would have to get used to her new senses. Kim was in the very first stages of Transformation. Rakesh promised it would get easier. When Kim woke from the nightmare of her death, she had fed from Rakesh. Kim had only been a vampire for a couple hours now. Kim had been a olympic gymnast. Born Ones were committed to protecting humans. But they protected their own first. Rakesh told him that his family was trying to find a cure to battle the virus. Because of Kronos Lim and Rakesh had been branded traitors.

I couldn’t really connect with the characters of this book. I am not sure why but it just did not keep my attention It seemed to drag for me. I am sure others will love this book, it just wasn’t for me