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The Wolf's Joy - Holley Trent

Alex wiped down the table for the former queen of Elves- Marissa- and pulled out a chair for her. Alex asked Marissa if she had brought the fruitcake and she said it was at Noelle’s. Alec had gotten her first bite of fruitcake when her old roommate Beel had left it on the counter and Alec couldn’t resist seeing what was in the foil covered package. She had loved the fruitcake. Marie was a sleepy New Mexican town. At three in the afternoon the sidewalks were basically empty and the roads quiet. The rest of Clarissa's party was outside .on the sidewalk- Noelle and Jenny who worked in real estate . There was about to be a bunch of new people in town- warehouse workers and they were trying to find houses for the early white collar arrivals. Maria was a supernatural hot bed but wasn’t common knowledge to humans. Alex has inside information as Belle who had been her former roommate was a cougar shifter and her father had been the cougar’s group’s alpha before he died. Alex had lived in Marie since she was five.  In thirty minutes Alex got off work. Then she turned to find a werewolf right next to her - they hung around Clarissa - he asked Alec her age. Ben was at the point in his life where he had to find a mate or go feral. He really didn’t want a mate he was finally making good money.but he had no choice in the matter. Belle had told Alec to avoid werewolves. Ben eventually asked Alec to hook up for the night. Alex had been the first one he had asked and Ben’s wolf liked Alec so more Ben and less wolf came out. He asked Alec about her foraging or stealing as he put it and she told him about the business she hoped to start. Ben is a mechanic yet he was afraid of change and that included having a mate in his life. Alex can’t seem to resist Ben but she had been hurt before and she wanted someone she could stay with and build a life with.

I liked reading this paranormal shifter book. I wasn’t sure at first but something kept me reading and I am glad of that. This definitely has a different take on a  shifters romance. But as I read on I grew to really enjoy the book. I liked the plot as well as the pace. This made me laugh at times and that is always good. This novella was a light, fun, easy read. Ben and Alex did compliment each other and I really liked that. I liked also how Ben ended up wanting to be the man Alex needed. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.