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great book and great characters

The Trouble with Twelfth Grave - Darynda Jones

Charley was the only Grim Reaper this side of eternity. Charley didn’t scare easily. Charley got a ton of requests from people swearing their hose was haunted. Begging Charley to cleanse the house of the evil that lurked in said house. Ghosts could see Charley’s light from anywhere in the world.  Charley ferried lost souls that were left behind after their initial offer of a one way trip up or down whichever way they were suppose to go. But seeing the dead and getting them to cross over were two different skills. But in this case Mrs. Blomme’s case but Mrs. Blomme was the ghost. Charley didn’t know if she was still married to Reyes. Charley had brought down a bloodthirsty cult a few days ago then she had devoured a blood thirsty God. Charley had gotten drunk as she had held Beunnocent when he died but there was nothing Charley could do it. Charley had thought about going to a hell dimension to rescue some innocent people but Reyes had talked her into sending him instead. Reyes had gone to the hells dimension through a God Stone but when he finally got out he was different and acted like he didn’t know Charley. Then the being used Charley’s astral name The being standing before Charley was not her husband Reyes. Charley did not know how much of the being was her husband reyes and how much angry God guy. Charley hadn’t seen Reyes in three days he had just disappeared. Then Charley got a text from her Uncle Bob who was a detective for APD. Charley sometimes helped with cases when the dead people could tell Charley who killed them. And she told her uncle. But their current case was more disturbing than she had let her Uncle Bob know Two bodies had been mutilated and burned. Mutilated in a very unusual way and burnt in random spots. The burns hadn’t killed them blood had. It was as if they had been clawed to death. But the M E said the attacker had been human. So Charley wondered if it was a God like Reyes. Noone dead or alive seemed to know about the murders. Angel was a dead thirteen year old gangbangers ghost and Charley’s only investigator Ange was upset because he could feel Reyes but not find him. Angel and Charley both felt anger. Charley told Angel she was going to talk to Garrett that he would know what to do. Charley knew Reyes could be a problem but for it to affect Angel to such a degree was unexpected. Then Charley grew to realize it wasn’t Reyes anymore but Rez’eezckeen. Charley could feel his anger and he was looking for ashes and embers and Charley had no idea what he was looking for. But some being was killing people and they left burn marks as as beating the victims and left them tore up.

I loved this book it was great as far as I am concerned. I loved Cookie’s loyality asusual. The love of her Uncle Bob, her friend Pari who was a constant in Charley;s life. Also Blue, Rocket, and Strawberry Shortcake. And all the people and beings who make up Charley’s world. Then it was pretty great for Charley to summon God who was reyes brother. Just an awesome read. Great plot and pace. Great action, and suspense, intrigue, and so many other things in this book. I hated when I had to put this book down and came back to it as often as I could. No problem with keeping my interest with this book. My only problem was it ended in a cliffhanger but I had to accept it cause I loved the book so much and am looking forward to the next book. This is part of a series and I advise you to read the other books in the series before this one as everything will all fall together and you will have all the backstory you need. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.