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great book and great characters

Cloaked in Sorcery (Wulfkin Legacy Book 6) - T.F. Walsh

Kalin was a wolf shifter. Kalin’s best friend was Alena who was mated to the pack's Alpha.- Enre. Alena and Enre had twins - Lupita and Seff. Alen told Kalin a witch had put a curse on her family and twins had joint souls and if one twin died so would the other. At the age of twelve Kalin’s sister had been killed by a wolf attack Alena’s father had found Kalin wondering in the woods and taken her into his pack.  Kalin would do anything for Alena. Lenita was Kalin’s roommate and unlike most wolves who lived and slept all together they had their own place. Lenita and Kalin had their first human job as hired fortune tellers at a human party. It was a gimmick for Lenita . But Kalin felt the cards told the truth. Kalin could also see some of people’s past or future when she touched the cards but it didn’t work on everyone or even all the time. Wulfkin had to live in secret for the survival reason. The pack needed money for their growing members so Lenita and Kalin were doing their part. Axe belonged to a Russian pack  whose bloodthirsty power hungry Alpha planned on taking over Europe starting with Romania. First thing was to get ownership of Bran’s Castle and then fight the Romanian pack then take over Transylvania then Europe. But the owner of the castle was human and a private man and nearly impossible to track down. But then the Russian Alpha discovered the man was having a birthday party and was making an appearance hand he got some of his people -Axe, Titas, Leo, and the witch Natalya. The castle wasn’t actually for sale so the pack members may have to use some magic to get the owner to sign over the castle. The Russian Alpha treated his own pack no better than enemies. If Axe and his team didn’t succeed in this mission they would be killed. Axe was over the Russian Army and he was determined to become his Alpha’s second. Kalin seelt a foreign wolfkin and then Axe was there in front of her. She was affected by Axe like she had never been to any other male before. Axe kissed Kalin and they both desperately wanted each other. Axe lead Kalin to a room they had sex there. But then Lenuta knocked at the door and came in knowing Kalin and Axe had sex.

I enjoyed this book. I liked the plot. I felt the book went to fast to enjoy it as much as I would have if it were longer. It could have been a five. Yet I did still enjoy it quite a bit. I loved Axe and Kalin together. Even though they were from different packs they were soul mates. I loved that Kalin’s Alpha did finally listen to her then Axe and not just kill Axe. This was a short read and the only problem I really had as I said was the length. Otherwise as far as I'm concerned this would have been a perfect book. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend,