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Playing with Danger (Desire Bay) - Joya Ryan

Hannah was tending bar at Goonies.  Her tension headaches were getting worse now starting in her neck. Hannah was the main bartender in this place. This was Hannah’s town where she had been born and still lived and soon this would be her bar.. Hannah was the only female bartender in her small town. Hannah had been raised by her alcoholic father who was a fisherman but he spent more time in jail then being her father. Hannah relied on no one. Hannah’s boss was looking to sell the bar and Hannah was ready to buy it and she could finally have something for herself. Outright and owned by her. She had been bartending for ten years.  She just had to get the owner Mr. Bangs on board who had already said he would give her the first opportunity to buy the bar and with Hannah’s entire life savings she felt she could convince the bank to give her a small business loan for the rest. She just needed the details from Mr. Bangs . He just didn’t show up at all or do much of anything when it came to the bar. He very rarely had.Very rarely had Hannah felt pretty. Hannah had risen above her upbring enough to gain most people;s respect in her small town. Then the phone rang and it was Gabe who was the sheriff of the town and he told Hannah he had her father and he was in the drunk tank sleeping it off. Hannah had gone to grade school with. Hannah had always went running to clean up her dad's messes but she couldn’t leave the bar and she told Gabe she would pick him up after she closed the bar. Her father was the only family Hannah had and she didn’t want him to die or hurt others. Her mother had died when Hannah was five. There had always been a sadness around her father. As Hannah was bent over to get a bottle of Jack she heard a man say he was looking for someone. Hannah replied good luck with your search then Hannah heard him say he was looking for his wife and he realized it was him the man who had ever gotten close enough to make her feel like more than trash,  the one man tried to forget over the last six months. The one man who had got her to say I do- Grant Latham and then he said “ Hello Mrs. Layhem”  . Hannah had taken her first vacation and went on a two week Caribbean cruise where the last night Hannah had married Grant. Hannah had snuck out snuck off in the middle of the night and went back home. Hannah ahd stole Grants heart married him,  and then broke his heart and left. Grant had intended to go after Hannah but then Grant got word his father had died and left his company to Grand and the task of of keeping it out of  his gold digger mother’s hands. So Grant had to immediately go back to New York. Hannah asked how Grant had found her. Grant’s life was very different from Hannah's life He had been the  sole heir to a billion dollar empire know he was in control of it. He has been trying to run that billion dollar empire while he was grieving over his father’s death. His father had been everything to Grant whereas Hannah’s father wasn’t. But Grant wanted his wife back and he wanted Hannah to come to New York with him.  Grant blackmails Hannah into giving him a chance to show her their marriage can work.

I liked this book. It was a quick and fun read. I liked that we did get Hannah’s and GRant’s backstory done in flashes which I don’t usually like but this was done just so that it wasn’t to bad.  I didn’t really like that Grant came and expected Hannah to give up everything  she knew to follow him back to new York after all she had only known him for that two weeks and either way that was her whole life and where she had been born where she had wanted to but her business and what she knew. I did like that Grant didn’t give up on Hannah and actually wanted to give the marriage a chance and when he could he finally found her. I love how Grant interacted with Hannah’s friends. I found there was some repetition in this book but it still held my interest. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of the book and I recommend.