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good book and characters

Chasing Xander (The Collins Brothers) - Lexi Lawton

Xander was going across campus when while carrying boxes into the dorm with her best friend Celeste from home. Kylie trips and the box she dropped had underwear in it and was right near Xander.Kylie is really embarrassed as she picks up her undergarments then Xander questions Kylie on her choice of underwear. And she goes to head for the dorm again and Xander tells her his name and she just tells him her first name- Kylie.   Kylie wanted to get away from home to go to college to get away from her absentee abusive alcoholic  father. Kylie’s mother had died when she was young and she had been raised by her grandmother who was now in a nursing home with Alzheimer's disease.   Kylie and Celeste had agreed to do the college thing together. Kylie is on an academic scholarship for college.Kylie and Celeste are in the dining room, hall when Xander and his best friend Finn walks in. Xander and finn are in a fraternity but Xander is on probation because of his poor academics the year before and he has to repeat his classes form the year before. Xander comes from a rich family and Xander's father had said if he didn't straighten out  and concentrate on his studies Xanders trust fund would be cut off. Xander and Finn went up to Kylie and Celeste and the dining hall.  There is something about Kylie that draws Xander to her. Xander really likes Kylie and goes slow plus she is still a virgin and he really doesn’t want to deal with that.Kylie is very attracted to xander.  Also Kylie was the first girl who seemed to like Xander for himself.  Kylie is notified that her grandmother has died and Celeste and Kylie get in a huge fight but Kylie doesn’t have the money to go home for the funeral. Then Xander takes it on himself to take Kylie to her grandmother's funeral.   Xander was going to stay in a motel but Kylie doesn’t want to stay alone in  the house her  grandmother had already given to her.   Before the funeral Kylie had a run in with her father. Xander and Kylie were going to leave after the funeral but the lawyer told Kylie he had some stuff to go over with her on the will  that couldn’t be done until Friday.  Xander is suppose to leave friday to fly to N Y for his mother's birthday.   

I really enjoyed reading this book it made me laugh at times. I liked the twists in this story. I loved Xander and Kylie together. This had a good plot but it did drag some for me at times but not enough for me to give up on the book. I loved the growth in xander shown throughout this book. I also loved that Xander took Kylie back to Ohio for her grandmother's funeral.  I really didn’t like Kylie’s father. He needed to get out of her life and stay out of it. I thought this was a well written book. There was chemistry between Kylie and xander right away and I liked this as they didn’t rush into anything. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.