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great book and great characters

Take the Lead: A Dance Off Novel - Alexis Daria

`Gina was going to the  Alaskan wilderness  in a seaplane and was scared to death. Gina was with one of her producers - Jordy -  and was meeting up with her celebrity partner for season four of The Dance Off. Once they landed Gina thought too much nature not enough civilization. Gina had grown up in NYC. - the Bronx.  Being a city girl Gina had a distrust of forest and animals. The producers would do everything they could to throw her off balance in the name of good tv.  Gina was entering her fifth season and this time around gina was determined to do whatever it took to reach the finals in the show. Then Gina saw her partner- Stone who was gorgeous and very muscled and realized they had been set up for a showmance for the season. Stone is on a reality show that has been on for a couple years now and knew tv producers didn’t care about convenience. .It would make for better behind the scene footage for this city girl to meet Stone here in the Wilderness in the madness. Stone hated himself for taking part  in the madness - a dance show f all things. Stone was glad that Gina didn’t know who he was Then he told Gina,  Stone and his family were in the fourth season of Living Wild.  He and the family live off the grid where they build their homes, hunt, and ;live off the land. The absolute last thing Stone wanted to do was dance but Stone had agreed for the money although he was not to mention it. His mom owed a lot of money for medical bills. He wanted to help his parents to be financially stable Out of his family Stone was the strong one the quiet one. The serious one. Stone had six siblings. Stone felt like this idea was a fool’s errand. Stone wanted to stay in Alaska and call the whole thing off nut that wasn’t an option s the contracts had already been signed. They only had  three weeks until their first dance performance.  Gina had been dancing since she was three. Gina’s career was her number one priority. Then a bear came crashing near them in the woods but Stone told Gina he would protect her and grabbed his gun. Then he shot the gun and carried Gina to the main living area and stayed with her until Gina was more herself. Then she was to leave again and they would meet up again in L A. Stone was attracted to Gina, she was sweet, sexy, and funny but they were from different worlds. Stone didn’t fit in L A  and her trip to Nielsen HQ  made it clear that she would never want to fit in hers. Also if Gina knew the supposed bear had been a P A crashing around in the underbrush just to get a reaction out of Gina, Gina would never forgive Stone. Donna was one of the producers who wanted Gina to act like her and Stone were sleeping together. But Gina refused. Donna told her if she didn’t make it to the finals this season  she wouldn’t be coming back next season. Stone wanted to impress Gina so he did some break dancing he had done when he was younger and it was filmed. Also after they left the studio after some publicity pictures he realized that he and Gina were a team and this was a competition. Also Gina was the only one invested in his success. Then Lore- another dancer who was a two time winner of Dance Off invited Gina and then Stone to go out that night to a salsa club as they all needed a break after last weeks rehearsals. Gina was on the verge of exploding from lust she was so attracted to Stone but wouldn’t give in. They all went to Club Picante and met at the VIP section in the back of the club. So far Stone had gotten contradictory glimpses of Gina- polished Gina in Alaska, playful but practical Gina in rehearsal,  and superstar Gina at the promo. Maybe tonight at the club  Stone would finally get to know the woman behind the dances, with all cameras gone. Gina’s roommate and good friend was Natasha/Tash - she was also on The Dance Off. Then Tash hissed to Gina “ You never drink during the season “. Gina said she knew and and she would be fine. Tash and Gina had grown up in the same neighborhood in the Bronx, and had moved to L A together as soon as they could.

I absolutely loved this book. I loved how it took a NYC woman and a man from Alaska and put them together suck opposites but were they really? I loved the description of Alaska and Stone’s love of it. I loved how Stone put his family first for so long. I loved how Stone tried to be protective of Gina. I loved Tash and Gina’s relationship. I loved how it showed how much work goes into a dance especially professional ballroom dances. for dance contests. I just love everything about this book the plot, the pace,and the romance. Most of all I loved Gina and Stone together. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.