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great book and great characters

A Baby for Christmas (Sweet Home Montana Book 2) - Joan Kilby

Mia was in Sweetheart, Montana and going to see her sister Laney and stay with her for a bit. Mia was a widow and very pregnant. This was the first Christmas since Jared’s death. Jared had died in service to his country , now Mia had their sleeping son on her chest. But Mia had learned love was no guarantee for a happy marriage and she wanted no more men in her life. Jared’s gambling had ruined them.  Then Mia had a contraction and the car slid off the road and then her water broke. And she was in labor. Will wa sin the cherry picking shed and he thought about his New Year’s Resolutions- get over Katy, finish the house and the Will added a third one- never fall in love again. Will had proposed on Thanksgiving and Katy said no she was in love with someone else and they were engaged and broke up with Will. Katy and will had been on again off again since H S but it was a foregone conclusion some day they would marry but not now. Then Will Hear a knock on his door and opened it to Mia half frozen and in labor. Will got a hold of Laney for Mia  but Laney hadn’t made it home before the storm she also told Will there was no time to get to the hospital he was going to have to deliver the baby and she would talk him through it. Will could run a multimillion international business but deliver a baby the thought of it made him feel faint. Mia named the baby Jared Willian- after Will he did deliver the baby after all- but she decided to call him Billy. Will finally got Mia and baby Billy to the hospital to make sure the were both all right. Will thought Billy was a miracle just when he needed one. Mia was to stay with her in-laws  after New Years. Once at her in laws Mia found out Jared had been cheating on her with his ex girlfriend also he had been fired by his father from his job l as he had been embezzling money from the family hotel. Any love Mia might have had even in the smallest amount was now gone.  Will came to Billy’s christening as he was his godfather and Mia was very happy to see him. Before  Will left they shared a kiss. Will also had a friend who owned a winery and he let Mia know that she could get a job there. Mia got the job three days a week and then more hours in the summer. Mia got an apartment in Sweetheart. Will wanted Mia and she wanted him too. They made a pact to always be friends no matter what. Also Will will always be there for Billy. Then they became friends with benefits.

I loved this story. It was a great romance. This book had a great pot and pace. I didn’t put it down once I started this book. I just had to see what happened next. It was a quick easy but great read. I loved Mia and Will together. Billy added to this book also I couldn’t find anything I didn’t love in this book which was terrific. I loved Will’s family and how good and accepting they were of Mia and Billy. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.