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good book and characters

Flirting with Fire - Kate Hardy

Lyle is normally friendly, charming but also an adrenaline junkie. . He is a rancher but also part time First Responder. Lyle  is a fire jumper for the First Responders. Lyle was the risk taker and his older brother Logan was the strong protective one. The brothers pregnant mother had died young and their father had changed after that into an angry mean drunk who took it on on his son. Logan would let his father touch Lyle and took all the horrible things his father had done to him and protected Lyle.  Lyle still carries the guilt that he never stood up to his father and protected Logan. Lyle now felt he was worthy of love. He refused to even start a relationship with a woman.  Their childhood had deeply affected Lyle and Logan but each handled it their own way. Emily/em was Charlotte/Charlie’s older twin. Their parents had shipped them off to boarding school fairly young then didn’t  care about them. Emily picked up the messes Charlie got in and stood by her always. Em was the sensible rule keeper. Then Charlie tells Em she is in love and Em hunts her down in Marietta to make sure Charlie is really happy and not being used for her money. Em had already been through that and wasn’t gonna let it happen to Charlie. But Charlie is well liked and appreciated in town. Logan the man she loves has a lot of good said about him in town. Em decides to go out to the Double T ranch to surprise Charlie. There she sees the man who had drove by when she was out for a walk and splashed her with a lot of mud. He is Lyle which is Logan’s younger brother. When they meet they don’t particularly like one another although they tend to be attracted to each other but they are so opposite.  Em seems to bring out the worst in Lyle. Eventually em sees past lyle’s mask to the pain and guilt he hides from others. Lyle wants to prove to em she is worth so much more than her money.

I liked this book a lot . I loved how Lyle called woman” sugar”.I advise you to read the first book in this series so you know everyone and everything that you need to so this will just flow better. This was an easy enjoyable read. I respected how two different types of child abuse is brought to life and shows the effects that the adults carry as a result of what the had went through. Admittedly one was worse than the other but both left their effects on the adults. I loved the backstory that was shown in this book. I felt this was a well written book. I also liked the plot and pace. I felt bad for what Logan and Lyle had endured after their mom had died. I loved how protective Em was of Charlie even when they are both adults. I did feel the end was a little rushed. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.