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Good Story and Characters

It Started with a Kiss - Ella Quinn

Gideon was now the Duke of Rottwell and he was out for a morning ride as he needed the calm a hard ride gave him. Then another horse burst through the mist with a massive dog. Then Gideon realized the rider was a beautiful woman he would have liked to meet. Nut in the circumstances it would do no good. Gideon’s father had been dead three months before he even got home from Canada. Now gideon had to pick up the pieces his father had left behind him. A letter had been sent to Gideon to tell him what happened but he had never received it. When he did get home  Gideon was shocked to see the condition of the estates his father used to take such good care of.  No one would tell Gideon why his father had changed. But he felt this was what he got for leaving and allowing others to care for his responsibilities. Apparently from what Gideon could piece together his father took up with Mrs. Rosamund Petrie and she was a greedy mistress. Then his Stable Master had had told gideon his father had died while in bed with her. At rothwell house. Lady Louisa Vevers wanted to talk to her friend and new sister Charlotte. Matt -Louisa’s brother -had married Grace and she had guardianship of her seven brothers and sisters. The house would increase to twelve kids sometime this winter when matt and grace had their first child. Charlotte told Louisa that Theo, mary, and Philip- younger children in the now conjoined family had measles. Louisa and her sister were half way through their first season . louisa then said they should write notes excusing them from the entertainments they had planned on attending. Louisa said maybe they should make a schedule that would allow them to attend their entertainments and help care for the children. Then louisa said How else could they plan to accomplish their marriages. Then she asked Charlotte how it was going with Harrington and charlotte replied not as she had wished and she thought she should have to strike him from her list as a potential husband. Louisa said charlotte must help her find a match for Edmund- the Marquis of Bentley as she did not want to marry him and he wouldn’t take her hints that she did not want to marry him and he was her most persistent suitor. Gideon should thank his cousin as if he hadn’t asked for help Gideon would not have found out about his father and what he had been up to there before he died. Gideon received a note from his cousin about a ball and he wanted Gideon to attend. Then Gideon went to see his friend Matt who was Louisa’s brother. Louisa was the beautiful women he had seen on the horse. Gideon had never met Matt's family. Gideon told Matt he had come to see him as his father had let everything go downhill and he wanted Matt’s advice on which of the new methods to farm was the best. Then louisa came to her brother to tell him she was going to the ball and she seen Gideon and he her. She recognized him right away. When he asked Louisa if he could have a dance she told him her supper dance was open. Louisa felt Gideon knowing Matt had to be a sign they were meant to at least come to know each other. Gideon now looked forward to his dance with Louisa and supper with her more than he should. Gideon’s cousin who is Edmund wants his help on getting Louisa to marry him as he believes he is in love with Louisa. Gideon can’t help but spend time with Louisa and they soon have feeling but he hasn’t told her the state of his finances and all he had to do to make things better.

I really enjoyed this book. I do however advise you to read the other s in the series so you can keep everyone and everything straight. I loved the plot. But this did drag a little  for me at times. I felt this was a beautiful romance. This story has some: danger, a greedy ex mistress, passion, a conjoined family, family problems, family love and loyalty, looking for matrimonial matches, balls, love at first sight,  an unwanted suitor. Tension, trying to fix an estate, and so much more. I liked how Louisa and Gideon didn’t play games or hard to get. For once the males in this story didn't seem to mind getting married or engaged. I loved Louisa’s joined family. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.