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Concealed (A Dark Alliance Novel) - Kate SeRine

Madeleine /Maddy was now an Alliance operative. Maddy was the first female to be accepted to the order of the Alliance. She shows no fear or hesitation when facing the dangers and fights for what is right. But also to keep the Alliance a secret society.   Jack had been with the  Alliance for years.  Jack's team is in Mexico trying to find the USB  stick. Jacob and his connections are still acting in the name of the Illuminati and Will; is still trying to get the higher up in the Illuminati to take the threat seriously. Both men are looking for the USB drive which has vital information on both groups. The Russian mob is involved.  Jack is still a young man but seems battle weary and drained. Jack feels he is undeserving of love and happiness.  Jack and Maddie had been in a passionate relationship in the past but then Jack broke it off and broke her heart. You can see the unresolved feelings between these two. Jack wants a second chance with Maddie but he is going to have to tell her  why he ended things and hope she can forgive him and understand. There is a war going on between the Alliance and Illuminati. Also old enemies are after Jack.

This book just wasn’t for me. I thought this book would hold my interest but it didn’t I am sure there are a lot of people who will love this. There were a lot of assassins and action in this book even some romance It just wasn’t for me.