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Claiming Grace - Susan Stoker

Logan was at the Rock Hard Gym as was his friend Cole  was there also. Logan had left town and been gone for ten years and hadn’t seen Cole all that time but once he came back to town Cole and Logan were just as close as ever. Then Cole asked about Grace and how close they had been in HS and then Logan just left. Logan said he wanted out of that town and Grace just wanted to stay there so they broke up and said goodbye. Felicity and Grace are best friends and Felicity co-owns the gym. Grace is glad Logan is back in town but because of their history between them  Grace  didn’t really want to talk to Logan. They had avoided each other so far but eventually they would run into each other . Cole didn’t want it to be awkward. Grace had met Logan in tenth grade when she had been asked to tutor him in history. Grace had been quiet and reserved and spending time with Logan was exciting. He’d been rough around the edges back then.  It had been two months since the triplet brothers - Logan, Nathan, and Blake-had come home and opened the doors to Ace Security named after their dad who had been murdered by their mom.  They had more business than they expected. It turned out there was men and women everywhere who needed their services.  Grace’s parents had been very controlling and abusive ex: when she had tried to rent her own apartment when getting out of college to get away from them they had her committed for a month in a mental institution.

Really didn’t enjoy this book how can you enjoy a book with a heroine who has no backbone and does what Mommy and Daddy says and lets them do to her what Grace allowed her parents to do to her. She was in her twenties she could have just left and got a restraining order against her parents as they deserved to be forced out of her life. Or Grace could have just left town as she originally wanted to. It totally ruined the story for me. I hope there are people out there that really liked this.