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Amish Widow's Hope (Expectant Amish Widows) (Volume 1) - Samantha Price

Anita was the only Amish woman on the greyhound bus. But it wasn’t her first trip. Anita’s husband Joshua had died and Anita was a widow and pregnant due for her baby in four months. Joshua and Anita had tried to get pregnant for eight years then it finally happened but tragically the day after Anita and Joshua had found out they were going to be parents he was dead.  Anita had lived alone on her and Joshua’s home for three months Then Anita’s younger  brother Amos insisted she move back and live with him and his family.  Amos and his wife Hannah had two sons  Ben was three and Sam was two. Anita’s brother expected her to help Hannah with the boys but also wanted to marry her off as quick as possible. But Hannah wants to taker her time to grieve and recover in her own way and time.  Fran was the Bishop’s wife ands also wanted to see ANita married quickly. Anita came in to dinner with Amos and Hannah and Hannah’s brother Simon was there.  Simon was six years younger then Anita and she was clearly pregnant that Anita was the one for him. Although the community feels Simon should marry one of the pretty younger women of their faith as there were a lot of these young women who would gladly marry Simon.

I had mixed feelings about this book but I did like this book. It was a quick easy read. I would have liked more information on the Amish way of life.  I didn't really like Amos he almost seemed uncaring about what the women in his life wanted and needed. Like why didn’t he leave Anita in Ohio if he only brought him to PA to help Hannah then to hurry her into marrying again even before their child was born instead of being a loving brother and understand all she was going through  and give her time she is in the later part of her pregnancy but he wants Anita to help Hannah with two young boys. I just didn’t like him Amish were suppose to kind and loving to family members. I would have liked more Anita/ Simon time also. This was also a bit predictable. I did really Anita and I liked Anita and Simon together. I also liked Hannah.  Amos just kinda took away from this story as far as I am concerned. So there was some things I liked about this book and some things  not so much.