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Pressed to Death (A Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum Mystery) - Kirsten Weiss

Maggie ran the Paranormal Museum that even had a ghost cat- GD. Detective Laurel Hammer loathed Maggie as she had accidently had Laurel’s hair catch on fire. It wasn’t rational she ran into the burning museum. The Detective said Maggie was trafficking stolen goods. Hammer said Mr. Paganini said the antique wine press ahd was stolen from his winery and in maggie’s possession. Maggie had said she had brought the press from Herb Linden - her collector and she had a copy of the receipt. Mrs. Paganini had sold the press. Maggie had taken over the museum  less than a year ago but was determined to make it the best paranormal museum in the country. October was high season for paranormal museums. Then Maddie’s mom showed up and whisked Maggie away  to go set up for the Harvest Festival. Her mom needed maggie’s help with some grapes stuck in the vat and Maggie finds a body - Mr  Paganini.  Maggie knows Laurel will make her a suspect and maggie’s mom suggests Maggie start  her own investigation. Maggie does just that.

I had mixed feelings about this book. I liked the plot but the pace dragged at times.  I loved the twists and turns. This is the second book in a series and i suggest you read the first one before this so everything just goes smoothly. The romance was okay in the book but nothing earth shattering. It basically keeps you guessing throughout the book. There just seemed there was too much going on at times. There was also too many side plots as far as I am concerned. Also things seemed to wrap up too quickly. I didn’t like Detective Hammer I don’t think she was acting professionally with Maggie letting her ill feeling toward Maggie come through.  I also didn’t care for the past and present mystery thing. I did love the ghost cat GD. As i said there was things I liked and then others not so much