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great story, great characters

69 Million Things I Hate About You - Kira Archer

Kiersten and her besties- Izzy and Cassie- are roommates and all work in the same office- Harrington Enterprises- the biggest think tank and development firm in Manhattan. Marie was first assistant to Cole Harrington who was the founder of the company.  Kiersten was second assistant and Marie passed off a lot of the work to Kiersten. Marie and Kiersten were going to Cole’s office. When they got their Cole  only had on a loose pair of sweatpants and was on his treadmill working out.  Marie told Cole through the door as he had just showered that she would be out of touch this weekend but Kiersten would be on call to him. Cole told marie to cancel whatever she had going on and marie said she couldn’t it was her wedding. Then Marie quit as she had given Cole plenty of advance notice of her wedding. Then Cole told Kiersten that she had been promoted and he hope she ;lasted longer than his last three assistants.  Working with Marie had been great training. Koersten had been pretty much running Cole’s life anyway. Only now kiersten had to deal with Cole herself.  Kiersten could finally show what she was made of and get credit for the work she was already doing.  Not to mention as nice raise her bank account would gladly receive.  Then Cole gave her the phone Marie had left and told Kiersten to keep the phone on her at all times as he kept odd hours. Consider herself on call.. Cole also told her to get a hold of HR and to send over the paperwork for her new position and to make sure she was up to date on all his pending contracts and current projects.  Cole wanted no problems just because he had a different first assistant. If she needed help for passwords or anything to get into the computer get ahold of IT and to get everything changed. Then go to security to get a new badge as she would need an upgrade. She would also need to be at his apartment for voice recognition and fingerprint software to be upgraded by Cole’s security. Then Kiersten was informed she had to go to the conference that weekend that he was speaking at. Brook was Cole’s best friend and business partner. Cole told Brook he didn’t date as he didn't have time then Brook told Cole to make time maybe that would loosen Cole up.  Cole always had a woman when he needed or wanted one as yet he hadn’t found a woman that made him want to change and have a relationship with her. Cole had a very strict mock prenup written up and after he had made his first hundred million a woman had been more interested in money then matrimony. It had broke Cole’s heart but also took several millions to keep her from writing a tell-all book and selling it to the highest bidder. Now the women Cole seen signed a non-disclosure agreements. It had been six months and Kiersten had been nothing but strictly professional. The more prim and proper Kiersten behaved the more tempted Cole was to break his anti-office romance rule. Kiersten and her friends Izzy and cassie played the lottery every week then a miracle happened and the girls won big time. Kiersten realized she didn’t have to be at Cole’s beck and call anymore. She didn’t have to work for Cole or anyone else. Izzy and Cassie were going to quit their jobs as well as Kiersten as they never had to work again. Kiersten then decided she wanted to make Cole fire her instead of her quitting.  After Cole caught on he was determined to make Kiersten quit.

Great, easy, fun and extremely enjoyable romance. I loved this book as well as the plot and pace. It was a quick read but a whole story. I loved Brooks and Cole’s relationship as well as Izzy, Cassie’s and Kiersten's relationships. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t love about this book and that is always great. I loved Cole and Kiersten together. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.