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Rope 'Em - Delphine Dryden

Victoria took a job as a barista at a coffee shop. There was only one other female on the roster but her boss Larry didn’t seem like a creep when he hired her. Victoria had really needed the job - five weeks earlier she did not know how she would make the next months rent and not wipe out her savings. A friend from R I S Dhad a tiny furnished room and she could rent it on her present pay. She couldn’t take anymore family support as she had heard her father saying she was draining his money while they waited for her to find a husband at school. So then Victoria quit art school with only a semester to go. But the problem was her parents thought she could never think for herself. They just did it for her. Victoria was done with that happening. Then Larry made a made a pass at her and Victoria quit. She had twelve hundred in the bank and owed her landlord five hundred for letting her out of her lease. The her mom asked why she had withdrawn from school and she was going to come there. Then Victoria called her and said she would be home in a couple of days. Ethan had everything he loved best in one place. Logan- ethan’s older brother said “ let me get this right , you are going to build a two hundred- twenty- square foot RV “ which Ethan said “ little house” then Logan added “ on a trailer bed and live on it. In the middle of Tornado Alley”. Then Ethan shrugged and said” Technically we are south of Tornado  Alley and also if we get a warning I can come down to the main house or find the nearest safe structure  if I am out on the road which is part of the point”. Ethan had wanted a tiny house ever since  he’d first  of them nearly a decade earlier as an undergraduate. Part of what Ethan liked was the mobility. Ethan was part owner of the ranch with his brother Logan and cousin Chet. Ethan helped his brother out at the ranch but the main money maker was once a month - an event called Giddyup- a kink mecca. Now it had grown so much visitors came from most states and a lot of countries also.

I didn’t really enjoy this book and didn’t really finish it did a lot of skimming. I  just didn’t enjoy this. This wasn’t for me but I am sure there are other out there that will really enjoy this.