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good read, great characters

Stolen Kisses: A Blushing Bay Novel - Annie Rains

Noah and Kristy had been best friends since they were children. Noah had been Kate’s protector, and confident , they could tell each other anything and he was just a good guy. But one thing Kristy didn’t tell Noah is she wanted him and she thought he may be the one. Noah was the captain of a boat for his family’s seafood business. Kristy was a pediatric nurse and worked in a hospital.  Kristy wants to settle down and have a family and Noah won’t commit to any woman. Kristy watched Noah date a bunch of women. The only commitment Noah had with a woman was his to Kruisty and their friendship. Kristy is at a crossroads in her life she had always dreamed of being head nurse and she may have a chance at a such a promotion at work. Kristy had been in the hospital as a child and could relate to her patients and their parents. Noah feels his family never expected much from him and always expected him to fail. Noah had issues that nhe wasn’t good enough for kristy and wouldn’t be a good dad or husband. Noah and Kristy always spend Wednesday night together  as it was wednesday wing night and they always had a good time but then one Wednesday Noah brings a date with him. It was very awkward and kristy cuts the night short and  leaves. Kristy then decides to start dating and finds a doctor to date. Noah is jealous that Kristy is dating.  One night after some drinks Kristy kisses Noah after he escorted her home. Noah realizes he has a big attraction for Kristy and that is why he never committed to another woman before. After the kiss Kristy and Noah decide to take their relationship to the next level.

I liked the book a lot. I liked the plot as well as the pace. This was an easy quick read. It was a  little confusing at times but got through that not enough to stop reading this story. For the most part I liked how the author showed both POVs  on different things as Kristy and Noah grew up. I did thing Noah said he wanted no commitment with a female to often. I loved how Kristy was with her patients at work. I loved the twists and turns of this book as well as the characters and I recommend.