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good read, great characters

Misadventures of a Good Wife - Meredith Wild, Helen Hardt

Price and Kate had a wild wind love at first sight. After college Price  started his job as a day trader and Kate started her job as a copywriter for the New York Tribune. Price was going on one of his business  trips and he would be gone for a week.  But the next day the Police came to Kate’s door and told her the plane price had been on had crashed and price was dead. Katye was devastated and couldn’t seem to bounce back. Michelle was Kate’s sister in law and she told Kate she needed a vacation . But Kate had barely worked in the last year since Price’s death . price had left her a large insurance settlement and with proper management Kate would never have to work again. Kate felt she no longer had it in her to work. Michelle took Kate on a girl’s trip to a remote island in the South Pacific- Leiloa for three weeks. Kate felt like she had lost everything when she lost Price. Michelle told Kate to take a walk on the beach and watch the sunset she would catch up with her. But then Kate thought she was seeing a ghost …. It was Price. But how could that be she had buried him a year ago. Price knew he could have let Kate move on and forget him. But he knew when he called Michelle he wanted Kate back even if she had fallen for someone else she was his wife. Kate froze and Price  pulled Kate to him and she sobbed and the pain in her sobs was  so very raw. Price had been living on a boat and he was the one that actually found this rental house, it had to be remote. Price told Kate he couldn’t tell her everything and still keep her safe but he would tell her what he could. Price didn’t have a choice but to fake his death they had tried to kill him and he now needed Kate to go into hiding with him.

I did like this book a lot. I liked the plot and pace. This was a quick good enjoyable read that kept my attention and interest. I didn’t like how Price only told Kate bits and pieces of what happened and why he faked his death and stayed away from her for a year. I also didn’t like how he used sex to distract Kate from the questions she wanted answers for.  She had a right to know after all he had put her through hell. I loved the mystery and suspense and danger in this book.  But I did feel there was a little too much sex. I loved the twists in the book. I also loved how Kate and Price loved each other and how dedicated they were to each other. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I recommend