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good book and characters

How to Mend a Broken Heart: An emotional, uplifting page turner about love, loss and friendship - Anna Mansell

Kat was a nurse and had just been dumper by her boyfriend of five years that she thought she would marry. Kat is also acting as acting Ward Sister. Kat was also dealing with the break up and has to find her way and place in life not that she is single again after so long. Then Kat gets Susan as a patient and she won’t say a word. Susan had been hit by a motorcycle and ended up in the hospital and as Kat’s patient. There was some question if Susan had been attempted suicide, Susan was a broken lonely woman of fifty six who had lived with her parents until recently. When going through Susan’s purse they saw a piece of paper with Rhys’s  number on it  Rhys was the only person they could find with any kind of connection to Susan.Rhys is a plumber an Rhys’s  brother David  had committed suicide over six months ago and Rhys is having problems dealing with the loss and why David decided to kill himself.. Rhys gets a call from the hospital and was told by Kat that they had found his number in a purse of the patient. Rhys  thinks his mother got hurt and rushes there. Susan had given up until she sees Rhys. Rhys sees a lom=nely lost woman when he sees Susan and Rhys felt if he could help Susan maybe he could find some answers as well as closure. All three people are suffering from heartaches, loneliness and loss. As time goes on they learn from each other and start to heal.

I did enjoy this book but it did have a lot of pain and loss so I am not sure if enjoy is the right word. I am very happy I read this and it kept my attention all through the story’ I did choke up at times. Many emotions are portrayed in this book. There was so much covered in this book: Loss, adoption, suicide, love, and forgiveness to name some. I felt this was fairly realistic. I didn’t want to put this down. I liked the plot but didn’t really care for the ending. The pace was a little slow for me at times but not enough that I didn’t want to finish the story. I am glad I read this. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.