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good book and characters

The Elusive Miss Ellison - Carolyn   Miller

Lavina was working in the garden when her best friend Sophy came to see her. Sophy said her mother would never let her work in the garden. Sophy felt Albert should have been doing the work in the garden but Lavina said he was tending a sick cow - Sally. Sally had good milk production and her family shared with the poor families of the community. Sophy said the new Earl was going to the musical. Lavina enjoyed music but not needlepoint Nicholas was the new Earl Of  Hawkesbury and felt his inheritance was not a blessing but both a burden and a curse. Lavina’s father was the minister of the community. Her father had given the new Earl his forgiveness as well as Lavina’s for the accident that had killed Lavina’s mother. Lavina breather passed the resentment as the old hurts swelled past her good intentions. The terror in the moment before the horse struck. And her mother’s cry had haunted Lavina for a long time. Lavina is the granddaughter of a Duke and she had gone to London  and she went about in society in all new clothes for awhile so she did have experience with the ton in London. But at home Lavina did worry about the poor and try to help them.

I did enjoy this book but it did drag quite a bit for me but not enough to spoil the story fr me or make me stop reading this book. I loved the touch of mystery in this book. I did enjoy reading this. I got a little frustrated with Nicholas at times. I didn’t like how Lavina blamed Nicholas for what his brother had  been the one involved with the accident that had taken her mother’s life. I felt Lavina was looking down her nose at Nicholas and she didn’t think  a lot of the rich but she was acting as judging, snobbish and opinionated  as the rich  she criticized. I loved seeing Nicholas change and grew in this story.  I actually like Lavina and  Nicholas together. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.