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good book, good characters

Kissing Her Enemy (Pine Falls, #2) - Coleen Kwan

Amber lives in a small town and owns a hardware store. Then her business is threatened by Logan who wants to build a mega store. LOgan and AMber had been attracted to each other back in HS but she was from the wrong side of the tracks and he was rich, handsome, and popular. Amber and Logan had made out a couple of times but then Logan took a girl out to the restaurant that Amber worked at. When Amber and Logan see each other again the attraction is still there.But Logan had already broke her heart once and she can’t let it happen again,  now he was out to end her business.Logan came back to town after his father had a heartattack . Logan had to lay off a lot of people from the company but he was trying to restore financial stability to his family’s company. Logan needs to buy  about five properties and one is where Ambers store is. As the only way he can give back to the community is to open a mega store and he can give jobs back to the community is to open the mega store. Logan;s family is rich and has influence so all Amber can do is fight. So Amber goes to the mayor to plead for the cause of the small businesses. The mayor suggested she build up some goodwill by making some playhouses for the day care centers. Logan also agrees to help. Logan had cared about Amber when they were younger and had never forgot her and he was falling for Amber again. Business matters to Logan but Amber matters more.

I enjoyed this story and it kept my attention. I like the pace and plot. I didn’t like how Amber was treated and I don’t believe Logan’s parents would how they felt so quickly just wouldn’t happen especially as they were rich and influential. This was a quick fun read. I loved the twists and turns in this book. This was really sweet but I would have liked to see a bit more fire between Logan and Amber. I don’t mean erotic just fire. But I did love Logan and Amber together. I loved the characters and the twists and turns in this book and I recommend.