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good read, great characters

Never Apart - Romily Bernard

Grace felt like she was going to die.  Again as she and Ander run to get away from Finn but he always seems to catch them. Ander promises he will find Grace if they Fall again. as he always does. It’s always the three of them, they always find each. In every lifetime Ander had died and Grace watched. This time Grace  tells Ander “you promised”. Grace repeats it louder as that will bring Finn closer and Ander will have to keep his word. Every other time Ander had fought  Finn and lost.  This time Grace will  fight and Ander will watch and maybe the pattern will break. Grace doesn’t fight very well   but is good at being a lure for Finn. He’s given her lots  of practice. Grace waits and waits and Fin studies her and studies her. Then Finn says Grace and she charges him. Hitting him low, ramming her shoulder into his chest as his nails dig into her arm. Finn plows her into the mud and grace jams the knife deep, deeper but then Grace slips and as Finn and Grace grapple in the mud Ander yanks Grace to her feet and tells her to run but Grace says she can’t. Grace and Ander had done this over forty times with always the same ending. Grace understands how it works, how it ends, how much she loved the boy that she was about to watch die. Once upon a time they were all friends but now…. Ander tells Grace to run but she can’t. She can’t do it anymore, she can’t watch it anymore. Finn was barely past seventeen as was Grace. She says to Finn “ why does this keep happening, why did Finn keep doing thi. They had been friends”. Finn said : “we have to pay for what we did”. It takes Finn five days to find them every time. Grace came to in someone’s house that has a party going on. There are other rules Ander and Grace knw: 1- get your stuff, 2- get oriented, 3- get going because they only have five days before Finn finds them again. A s far as Ander and Grace can tell every time they Fall they surface with different lives it’s like they end up in parallel universes, timelines that belong to other versions of themselves. Grace doesn’t know why her name is always the same, she doesn’t know why Finn always hurts her. This time though things are different. Ander didn’t find Grace, this time Grace’s family is together again including her twin who had been missing in all her other jumps. How can she solve this puzzle alone.  Ander and her twin brother are best friends. This time Ander didn’t remember finding Grace and before he always had. From the time Grace was six she felt connected to Ander. The three had issues- Ander’s was drinking, Grace was extremely shy and had social anxiety. And Finn just wanted to be accepted for who he is.

I liked this book a lot. I wish I could rate this a 4.5. I loved the twists and turns. I didn’t want to put this down once I started reading this book, it had my interest all the way from the beginning until the end.  This had a good plot and pace. This book draws you in right from the beginning. This was also well written. I don’t usually like going back and forth in a book but it just wasn’t that bad  although I liked being in the past less as for me it dragged some. This is a fantasy thriller and a very good one. I felt this was a sad romance though. I loved the characters and the  twists and turns and I recommend. Once again I wish  I could rate it a 4.5.