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great story, great characters

Romancing the Undead (Undead Dating Service) - Juliet Lyons

Mila was on a first date with a vampire she had contacted through V date which was a Vampire dating service. She had been in a two year relationship only to find the man was married. So Mila decided to try something new and different. Mila met the man for drinks at The World's End which was a very public place and she could be safe so she thought. The Vampire looked at her like she was a rare and exquisite gem. But mila was not attracted to him even though he was handsome. Then the Vampire mentions going outside for some air and Mila can’t seem to do anything but follow him into a alley. The Vampire then says he will kill her before he drinks from her and as he leans closer Mila tries to prepare for the death strike but then Mila hears a loud noise and his hands fall away from her and Mila’s mind is her own again. Mila starts a to faint and a pair of arms hold her up and it is Inspector Vincent Ferrer who is a cop but also a vampire but he lets her know he won’t hurt her. Then a couple more cops appear and take her to the station and explain the Vampire she had been on a date with was a serial killer and used V date to get his victims. Vincent couldn’t seem to stop staring at Mila. in the car, he hoped she hadn’t noticed. Mila ends up being put under Vincent’s protection as the serial killer Vampire- that Vincent and his fellow cops were trying to catch- has targeted Mila and he isn’t finished with her yet and she isn’t safe on her own, She ends up moving in with Vincent for her safety. Vincent is a three hundred year old Vampire and is haunted by his past as he had been engaged but his fiancee had been killed. Vincent never wanted to fall in love again. But Mila does charm Vincent more that anyone he had ever met.Vincent hasn’t felt this way in a very long time.

I loved this story. It was a fun, easy read and a great romance. It caught my attention right from the beginning - how could it not- and kept it until the end which I love by the way. I loved seeing both Mila and Vincent’s POV. I also loved them together. I didn’t want to put this book down. I also loved how Vincent interacted with his fellow cops. This made me chuckle at times and that is always good. I thought it was cute the way Mila tended to babble. I loved how Mila and Vincent had great chemistry but didn’t jump right into bed for some fast relief. I loved there was some suspense and danger as well as a great romance. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and i highly recommend.