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Only a Duke Will Do - Tamara Gill

Isolde was eighteen and she met Merrick- the Duke of Moore- at a dance it was almost like love at first sight . After a year Merrick and Isolde were to marry. Then Isolde was awaken and there was a note under her door the eve of her wedding and it told her to go to Merrick’s room to see the kind of man he really was.  Isolde had a jealous best friend named Lenora. Isolde met her father in the hall and they found Merrick in bed with Lenora. Merrick had gotten drunk and was dreaming of his soon to be wife but Lenora had set him up she had came in the dark and seduced Merrick. . Merrick was ordered to marry Lenora and that is what he did. Isolde left for her Scottish estates. Five years later Isolde decides it is time to go back to London she misses her family and she wants to find a husband and family of her own she doesn’t require love this time.  Merrick and Isolde run into each other shortly after she returns and they both try to act like they didn’t have a past together yet in reality they still loved each other. Merrick’s best friend is interested in marry  Isolde and they do become engaged. However Isolde learned Merrick was not happily married as she had believed and Lenora was making a fool of him.

I really couldn’t get into this story. First it was hard for me to believe that a powerful Duke could be ordered to marry someone especially someone as vile as Lenora. Many of the ton were known form affairs and not forced to marry. I didn’t like Lenora at all just skimmed over her parts.But why would Isolde be so selfish to take Merrick from his son and especially with another child on the way Merrick didn’t have to have anything sexually to do with Lenora after the first night or at the very least after he had an heir.  Also why did Isolde still love Merrick after  what she believed that he had done. Anyway i couldn’t connect with the characters especially Isolde or the story itself.