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To Covet a Lady's Heart - Ingrid Hahn

Grace’s family was a noble family and Ava was a commoner but Ava had been taken in by in by Grace’s family. Ava and Grace are like sisters. After Grace’s mom died there was only the girls and Grace’s sickly father and her step brother Vincent. Vincent had tried to force himself on Grace and he had also made advances to Grace.  Vincent was a vile man. Ava comes up with a plan so she and Grace can escape. Grace is to marry Tor her father’s business partner and Ava will be her maid/companion. Then they are off to Scotland but Grace got cold cold feet so Ava pretended to be her.  But Tir won’t let them in  and told them to go back home but that is not an option for the two women so Ava talks Tor into letting them in and getting to know her. R Tor had been tricked into marriage before and his first wife had lied to him so he kicked her out but when she died he felt guilty about her death. Tor wanted nothing to do with marriage and a wife who may be another liar. Tor’s father had recently died but had asked Tor to marry Grace his business partner’s daughter to keep his clan safe from the English. Then a previous lover of Tor’s is widowed and returns to the castle as she still wants Tor. Ava sees Tor but not him pushing the woman away.  

I loved this book. I loved the plot and pace and I felt it was well written. I loved Grace’s and Ava’s relationship; I chuckled at times while reading this book. I loved how Tor changed as the book went on. A lot of emotions come through in this book. I loved the mystery and suspense in this book also. There  was also some hot love scenes. I hated Vincent and was glad he got what was coming to him. I loved Tor’s loyalty to his clan. I loved the characters and the ins and outs to this book and I highly recommend.