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To Covet a Lady's Heart - Ingrid Hahn

George/Max’s is the Earl of Maxfield and his  mom is raising his sister’s son Thomas who is a rambunctious five year old. Max’s sister had been dead more than a year now and the death had affected his mom badly. Not only her health but her ability to watch an active five year old. So Max wants to take Thomas and raise him. But his mother fears Max’s reputation and being wild does not show he’s a good guardian. So Max comes up with a plan to have a fake fiance to show his mother he has changed and is responsible. Max felt Phoebe would be the perfect choice.  Max knows something about Phoebe's sister Isobel and will use it to blackmail Phoebe if he has to. Phoebe doesn’t ever want to marry. Phoebe is shocked when Max asks her to go along with a fake engagement. Phoebe refuses until Max uses blackmail then she has some rules of her own. So Max and Phoebe goes on with the fake engagement. Phoebe ends up blackmailing Max back. Max never wanted to marry because his father was mad and how he treated his mom and family. Max was afraid he would end up like his dad Phoebe is wary of gossip and scandal especially since her father’s gambling habit had left his family broke and their place in society taken away.

I had mixed feelings on this story. I did enjoy a lot of it. I did like the plot. I also liked the interaction between Max and Phoebe.. I liked them together for the most part. But I didn’t see a lot of chemistry between Phoebe and Max. Alos why is Max so worried he will go mad and he won’t take the chance of treating a wife and his child like his dad had yet he would have Thomas and could be bad for Thomas who would be raised as Max’s for all intents and purposes. I thought Phoebe was too pushy about marriage and what happened to never getting married. I liked this but it just wasn’t a favorite of mine. As I said I had mixed feelings on this book.