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Wolf, Interrupted (Wolf Lords of London) - Jillian Stone

Elle and Jullian  were scheduled to work the most dangerous   part of the Chelsea Physics Garden. Elle looked forward with this with a quiver of fear and a slightly elevated  pulse rate. Time shifted for Elle and she was a child next to her father’s paralyzed body. Her mother’s cry as clear and heartbreaking as it had been eleven years ago. As head gardener Elle knew her father’s death hadn’t been an accident that he knew the difference between Aconitum and Delphinium. Then Jullian got attention back to the present. Then Jullian said “ you saw something”. Elle nodded and said “ In the Covent Garden Station last night. Jullian replied that was the second sighting in a week. Elle was a botanist as was Jullian but he was a new fellow to the Chelsea Physic Garden. There was a kindness in Jullian and Elle was drawn to that. Jullian and Elle hit it off immediately. They were already making plans to someday open a apothecary together. Aconitum Napellus- prince of death- the plant that had killed her father. Then Detective Inspector Durant CID showed up and asked for Elle then told her he was there about the mauling in the Underground the night before. The Detective wanted to discuss the report  Elle had given and asked if there was somewhere they could go to talk Then Elle agreed to meet the Detective at 4 pm at the Cafe that was on the north end of the property. Abelseth who is the Detective was waiting for the train Elle had awoken the beast inside Abelseth. Then Abelseth’s cousin Phelan appeared to him from near the tunnel. Then Abelseth told Phelan that Maccoon had called a conclave and wanted Phelan. There. Phelan said it had been five years and he was out. Abelseth was no longer  duty bound to his pack. Elle was sure she had seen a werewolf. Abelseth was sloppy, out of practice, had partial shifted showed a real loss of control and could have exposed him to the public. Abelseth was on the job less than a month and already he suspected one of the werewolf packs behind the mauling.  An attack on a human was bold and unnerving. Maybe now was the time to see if Dermot Crowley to see if he had any preliminary thoughts. The man had died from the maul with several bites on  him but he was wearing an expensive custom made suit. Elle was twenty five and and got tingles from the Detective , no man had ever made Elle feel that way before. The waitress Lucy had told Abelseth where she and Elel would be clubbing that night and he ended up there and ended up dancing/grinding with Elle. Then Abelseth kissed Elle. Elle ignited a seething feral arousal Abelseth wasn’t  prepared for.  Abelseth had thought Wolf Hunter when he had met Elle. But after tasting Elle in the kiss he knew Wolfen. Abelseth had heard stories of wolf blooded humans. Then as Abelseth, Lucy and Elle were leaving Elle was grabbed  and abducted. Elle had a male pushing her on but he had someone with him. Then. Elle was sure they were in the Underground, Elle had tricked herself into believing she could live a normal life. But a day or two off lycanthrope  suppressant and and they had found her. Then Abelseth showed up in the room Elle was being held in It took time to learn how to ride the currents of time-space. Newbies like Elle thought they were starved for oxygen even though they really weren’t. Abelseth brother - Maccoon had helped rescue Elle and Abelseth. Maccoon  was the leader of the wolf pack - The Lords. Pelham showed up and said the wolves that had grabbed Elle were outlaws most of the packs really didn’t want them. Her mother had warned Elle for years that fully engaged werewolves had extraordinary abilities ; sensory and otherwise. Without her daily fix Elle’s senses were becoming more acute, as her dual nature emerged there would be other issues like strange lycanthrope powers. Abelseth. Uncle told Abelseth to get in his car. Abelseth hadn’t seen his uncle the Earl of Wessex  in five years. yHe told Abelseth the man who had been mauled was Ignatius -Iggy-  unknown chemist entrepreneur. Iggy was the man elle got her suppressant from that hid the wolfen part of Elle.

I really enjoyed this book and it was a quick read. Although I felt it was a little rushed. But I still liked the story a lot. I wished there had been a longer ending also.  But I loved Abelseth and Elle together. Then to find that Elle and Abelseth had actually been promised to each other since she had been born. Was a thrill. Definitely a different and unique werewolf story. I didn’t really care for Abelseth’s brother Maccoon. This kept my attention with no problem. And I didn’t want to put this down. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.