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Great Book With Great Characters

Saved by Darkness (Darkness Series) (Volume 6) - Katie Reus

Ian and Mason were at a party having been invited by the vampire running the supernatural fights that Ian participated in asked for something Ian wasn’t going to say no unless the request was offensive. Ian was part demon and part dragon. Ian didn’t even know any other dragons. Ian knew his mother had been forced when Ian was conceived and if Ian ever found the full blooded demon he’d kill him for what he had done to Ian’s mother. All he had was a name but that was a start. One day Ian would make the make the male feel his hatred. Then Bruneau the vampire who had invited Ian to this party appeared and told Mason to leave Ian and him. Mason did/ Ian knew he was the strongest male in any room or close to it. He had to be strong from the time he was a child- a mixed breed with a mother who was alone in the world. Ian made it clear to anyone if they tried to mess with his family they die. They first time Ian had killed  it was defending his mom , he had been eight and it had been an accident. The first time Iam meant to kill he was ten. Most supernaturals in New Orleans that had seen Ian fight seemed to think he was an animal and his nickname in the ring was “Beast”. Bruneau said he thought he’d found a woman to Ian’s liking. Ian turned and felt his heart stop in his chest. Ke locked gazes with a striking female. Then Ian noticed she had a male companion and he looked like he wanted to kill Ian. The  Breuner introduced him as Colm O’Riley. He wanted to fight Ian and he was also undefeated. Then Ian introduced himself to the female and she said her name was Fiona. Then the male pushed her more behind him and said “ you don’t look at her, you don;t touch her”. Then Ian said you name the place we fight. Ian never experienced this lack of control before. But her scent and closeness was making Ian edgy. Then Breuner  asked if three hours was soen enough and both males nodded. Ian knew Colm was a shifter but he wasn’t sure what kind. Ian figured he would take care of the male in the ring then talk to the female. He didn’t understand the primitive part of him that  had came to life and he wasn’t going to ignore it. Bruneau  advised Ian to make himself scarce until the fight as Colm had two brothers.Then Ian saw Fiona standing behind a big tree. She motioned   for Ian to follow her. Then they hurried to a small room off the lobby. Fiona told Ian to shut the door. Then she said she wanted to warn Ian her brothers were very strong. She added she knew Ian would never lost before  but he would this time. Also her brother was very angry Ian had spoken to her. Then Fiona asked Ian to  please walk away and there was desperation in her voice. The Ian asked Fiona if she was mated and she said no . Ian felt many emotions in Fiona there was confusion but also lust. Ian said to Fiona was to have dinner with him after the fight. Fiona said if he managed to live she would have dinner with him. Then Ian told her to meet him tomorrow at Mandina's at six. Ian shook Malloy’s hand   at the front of Bo’s supernatural ‘s only club. His half brother Bo was on his honeymoon but he’d kept the club open and his family ran it while he was gone.  Malloy was a ghoul and head of security. Ian had a strange call from Rory telling Ian he needed to talk to Ian about something important Ian saw his half sister Cynara tending bar. Rory said fimm wanted to speak to Fiona and they needed to know if she was trustworthy  and Ian said she was. But Ian couldn’t talk about her it hurt too much then Ian left the room. Ian couldn’t even convince himself he buried the memory of Fiona because he thought of her every day. Fiona was his mate even though they had never mated another female would never do for him. Now to know she was nearby Ian was going to find out everything from the Alpha Finn. Then he was going to see Fiona even though he knew he shouldn’t She was mated, taken. She had shattered his heart and went off with another male Too late he realized she had done it to protect him, to keep him alive. He would have kept them safe and alive, Ian just wished Fiona had trusted him enough that he could do that. Since rory had joined a new pack he had torn loyalties between his brother   Ian and his new pack. For decades it had been Ian and Rory against the Hell Realm that had been their world. Rory called Finn to let him know Ian was on his way,

I absolutely loved this book It was a great paranormal story and romance. I Loved that Fiona and Ian had been true and faithful to each other. Never accepting someone else. I didn’t want to put this book down it kept my interest all through the book.  I felt like I was right there with ian and Fiona. I loved how Fiona spent her life helping bullied paranormal females. I loved how willing Fiona was to sacrifice everything to make sure Ian was safe. I loved the ending. I also loved the twist in this story. I loved the characters and ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.