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Sin for Me - Lisa Marie Perry

Delilah's grandfather had bought the old Greek revival plantation manor - The Hearst Plantation and converted it into the home of Devil’s Music record label. He founded the company in an age when rock-n-roll was seen as wicked and black artists feared as dangerous in these parts. For every racist friend he lost Granddaddy seemed to sign a surefire hit singer. His clients were on the country’s most elite DJ’s lists and their music blared from jukeboxes and radios across America. He died rich. Delilah's father became even richer and found more singers. Delilah reinvented Devil’s Music as a chart dominating hip-hop label worth billions. Delilah called out and  Emma heard- old money, old tradition, old treachery.Delilah remembered when  Emma and Delilah played with their barbies ,sharing homework and looking in the swamp for frogs. Emma was Delilah best friend for a long time. Delilah had three identical knife wounds carved in her - one from Emma, one from Joshua, one from Chelsea who Delilah had befriended when her brother dumped Chelsea. Delilah had considered Chelsea a friend but she had also screwed Delilah over. Delilah had traded her soul for a company, bartered her body for corporate favors and industry  alliances. And in the end they had voted her out. They had claimed her legacy . But now the company had been hit with an intellectual property lawsuit. Soon it will lose its clients and  sponsors and die a slow embarrassing death. Delilah could save the entity but she couldn’t do it from the outside As a little girl Delilah thought her father was rich and famous because of magic but as she grew up she learned it was from force, coercion, threats, and violence. Her father had taught Delilah a valuable lessons on the necessary means of survival. Good and bad walk together.You can’t be good if you don’t deal with the bad. You can’t beat the devil  if you don’t play his game.In this world the deals that matter are made with hard substances are coursing through your blood.

I couldn’t get into this book. There was just too much drama in this book. I didn’t connect with the characters of this story. Last but not least I hate cliffhangers. This book just wasn’t for me. I am sure others will love it