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Great Book With Great Characters

All I Want for Halloween - Marie Harte

Sadie had been watching Motorcycle Madnezz  and Sadie thought about how dull he life seemed in comparison to the reality show and how much she preferred it that way. She groaned when a commercial came on and it reminded her she couldn’t put off getting a costume  much longer. Her brother Elliott had forced her to accept a costume party invitation. When Sadie asked why she couldn’t skip the party Elliott said anything to get her into something besides her sweatpants. He also added she was turning into a store hag, limp hair, no sense of style and she growled at their customers. Then he said important people wanted a face to the fantastic food. They could easily build more business Elliott also felt Sadie should be dating, having fun. Enjoying life, and laughing more. Elliott said all Sadie did was hang out at the gym. Then Sadie thought maybe she should find a guy at the party. Something physical might cheer her up and clear her mind. Even though elliott annoyed Sadie he was her best friend and there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her and she loved him. Harrison “Gear” Blackstone counted to ten before answering her younger brother Thor. He noticed his sister acting like she wasn’t listening in, Thir had a brain like a computer and if anyone could figure out a way for Gear to get out of the mess his life had become it was Thor. Gear was being forced to go to the costume party by his contract. His sister told him just be the jerk you are on the show after some time on camera change his costume and hang out until for the rest of the mandatory time he had to be there. Gear’s dream of running one of the best custom shop had come true but at a price’ His ex fiance and ex best friend Brian had put him through the wringer and got rid of him which still hurt. Gear’s gift of everything mechanical hasd transformed into love for the motorcycle. Sahara had been Gear’s fiance and Briand his best friend until they cheated together at Gear’s pain. Iris told Gear he had always been upfront about who he was and what he wanted. Those people who are your friends know this. See who is still around after all the garbage was over. She also said don’t get mad get even. Elliott went to the party as the Phantom Of The Opera and Sadie was a warrior princess. Then Elliott pointed out the guys from Motorcycle Madnezz. Sadie thought Gear was hot. He was dressed as Batman’s Joker. Sadie found a shadowed area with a table for her food and drink.Then she noticed a real hot Devil with a drink in one hand and a plate of food in the other and a woman was manhandling him. When he finally got away from the woman he asked Sadie if he could sit down and she said he had earned it. He had a great body and smile. Then Sadie seen Elliott looking for her and she asked the man to just go along with her and she kissed him Soon Sadie forgot everything but the kiss. Sadie had never been so out of control She found some foliage that pretty much hid then unless someone was really looking and she and the Devil had sex there. Gear was in shock when the girl he had just had sex with punched Sahara in the face after Sahara had slapped her. Gear went to Joaquin described Elliott and asked who the woman was and told Joaquin what had happened. Joaquin said he would act like he had no idea could have hit Sahara. Joaquin also told him to try Sofa’s to  find the girl. Sunday at Sofa’s the bakery/ coffeeshop that had expanded into a catering business also saw the siblings -Rose, Elliott and Sadie spending time together before they opened at eleven. Every weekend Sadie, Rose, and Elliott mixed, prepared, and frosted the  most delicious treats from healthy salads to sandwiches and baked goods. Sadie wouldn’t admit it but she loved their family time. Sadie had little in the way of needs: a gym membership at Jamesons, subscription to Netflix and Hulu, and an addiction to frilly underthings, and white chocolate raspberry truffles . Gear showed up at Sofa’s with the sword from Sadie’s costume and Sadie realized her devil had been Gear. Then Gear invited her to dinner but it would have to be at her house or his because of paparazzi. Sadie made it clear she didn’t want a boyfriend and Gear said after his disaster of an engagement he didn’t want a girlfriend anytime soon.

This was a great story and romance and I loved it. I loved the plot and pace. I loved how Sadie and Gear came together and were so much alike. I was sorry that Adrian and Sadie’s best friend had hurt her so bad as well as the hurt Gear went through with Sarah and Brian. I know Sadie and Gear fell pretty quick but in this instance it was just right. I loved Sadie and Gear’s family. I chuckled at times while reading this book. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about this story which is always great when it happens. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.