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Demon Hunting with a Sexy Ex - Lexi George

Duncan watched the cabin for movement. Soon she would appear the Witch of Devil's  River= Cassandra/Cassie McKenna who was more sorceress than witch able to channel power inherent in earth and stone, in the elements and living things.  Cassie was a demonoid - the immortal daughter of a fiend possessed human. Duncan was Dalvani- a warrior sworn to the pursuit of rogue demons or djegrali.  Cassie’s and Duncan’s natures set them at odds. Cassie was angry at Duncan , she was prickly and didn’t forgive easily. Duncan had hurt Cassie very cruelly in the past. It would take time and patience to reclaim Cassie. Duncan was also immortal so he had the time. Then Duncan caught a glimpse of Cassie and then he felt the most painful heightening of the senses, a heady mixture of excitement, longing , regret, and desire. The Cassie he remembered bubbled with laughter but this Cassie rarely smiled. She had even become a bit of a recluse. Cassie noticed Duncan and said she had told him to stay off her property and asked if she needed to get her gun. Cassie asked Duncan how many times did she have to tell him to leave her alone. Then Duncan told Cassie he bought the land across the river from her, it was about one hundred and fifty acres. Sad Cassie tore at Duncan’s heart but Cassie in an outrage delighted and aroused him. Cassie worked hard and now had a flourishing business. Cassie was no longer the ignorant country mouse. Duncan had known. Cassie would not allow Duncan to fluster her. The Regulator clock in Cassie’s house hadn’t worked for years but the clock had just chimed - trouble was coming maybe even death. Then cassie felt the need to get out of her house. When Cassie stepped onto her back stoop a feeling of dread engulfed her. Something was off. The perimeter of Cassie’s property was set with a spell line to alert her to danger and an invisible barrier screened her from visitors. If anyone or anything crossed the magical lines bells rang in the house and garden to let Cassie know she had company. Cassie checked the wars around her place and the spell line were still intact. Then a werewolf charged out of the trees with a heart stopping growl. He had half shifted- a young male- he was hunched and misshapen and the skin peeking through was sickly grey. Foam flecked his slathering jaw and his eyes burned red with madness. Cassie wondered how he had gotten through her security system. Cassie couldn’t find her keys in her purse and the truck was locked and the wolf was almost on her when she hit it with her purse on the nose and dove into the truck bed. Then the werewolf was also in the truck bed with her. Cassie waited for the wolf to tear into her flesh but Duncan had killed it before it got to Cassie. There was two packs of werewolves in Hannah . This one was from Pack Randall. Then Cassie flashed back to the kids- Maggie and Jimbo tore apart and dead. Cassie had promised her brother to take care of his kids and now they were dead. Cassie had left but Duncan had never stopped looking for Cassie or the murderer of the kids.Cassie had wondered about her birth mom for years - she had disappeared without a trace. Cassie had wondered if her mother had died or simply walked away. Her mother - Cybil had been demon possessed and a human possessed by a demon usually dies within a year. But Cybil had been a conjurer and a healer. She used magic to bind the demon to her but then Cybil transformed into a hag with an insatiable hunger for human flesh and Cybil had killed her own grandchildren. How Cassie had loved Duncan and losing him and the kids within days almost killed Cassie.  Cassie knew something was up in the werewolf world. There had been three sick in a month. Something smelled of black magic  

I had mixed feelings about this story. It was fun to read most of the time and I liked the pace most of the time although it did drag for me at times. It was a little irritating to read at times with the Dalahni way of speaking. I couldn’t seem to connect with Cassie. There was also a little too much going on for me. I did like the little side of romance of Evan and Taryn. I believe I would have enjoyed this more if I had read the books before this one in the series as this story was a little confusing at times. But the book had a lot in it: there was witches, shapeshifters, norms, sylphs, satyrs, peskies, centaurs, imps, fairies, gods, and a lot more. So as I said I had mixed feelings. Somethings I liked and something's not so much But i do advise everyone to read the first books of the series if I had I think I might have enjoyed this more definitely understood it more