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Have My Baby (Dirty DILFs Book 1) - Taryn Quinn

Ally’s best friend was Sage, Her other best friend since tenth grade in HS - thirteen years-  was Seth. Ally and Sage worked at the Rusty Bucket - a restaurant. Seth showed up at the Rusty Spoon and Ally thought of the one night they had spent together with his daughter up all night with a fever. Ally relived that night more often than she wanted to admit. Ally wanted Seth but did not want to ruin their friendship. Seth was completely clueless as far as Ally knew. Seth called Ally - Ally Cat. Seth and his brother worked in reality as did his brother and his father had at Hamilton Reality. Three months ago Alley’s mom had passed away. Seth said he had some papers for Ally to sign. Her mom  had finally given into the cancer. Ally’s mom had always been fragile  but the last five years had almost killed Ally too. In the end all Ally wanted her her mother was peace. It had been a long time since Ally could think of what  of what she wanted. Like college in NYC. Ally had to sell her mom’s house as she didn’t make the money to keep it go. Seth and his brother were working hard to keep Cresent Cove from turning into the Hamptons part two. Then while at the Rusty Spoon sitting across from Ally Seth asked Ally to have his baby. Seth already had a daughter -Laurie who was almost four and Ally loved. Ally’s love of children and Laurie in particular weighed in heavily with Seth.s choice to ask her to have his baby. Marg- Laurie’s mom had only cared about the money and Seth paid her off and she left Laurie to Seth to raise and have. Seth said he would spell it out, he wanted another child not relationship possibly with a woman who could harm said child. In return for Ally would pay for four years in college of her source. Also if Ally chose she could go to grad school and Seth would also pay for that. Seth said Ally was the only woman he trusted. Seth said it was Ally or noone. Seth didn’t know he had ruined Ally for any other man. For years Ally had seen women come and go in Seth’s life. A knowledge lived in their eyes when they touched Seth. Ally wanted that knowledge and at twenty eight she was still a virgin. Seth kissed Ally and she felt like she was out of his league - his galaxy even.

I absolutely adored this romance it has become one of my new favorites. I loved the plot and pace. There was just enough of everything in this book. I loved how Seth and Ally had been best friends for a long time. I loved how Ally’s relationship with Laurie and how Ally loved her and had helped Seth with her whenever asked all Laurie’s life.  I thought Laurie was a perfect character in this book and I loved her. I didn’t want to put this down so no problem with keeping my attention. I loved Ally’s and Seth’s relationship all through the book. It was so sweet when Oliver found Ally at their camp and let ally know how much Seth loved her. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t love about this book. I loved the characters in this book and all the ins and outs and I highly recommend.