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A Simple Wish (Simple Gifts) - Charlotte Hubbard

Loretta and her younger sister live with their amish father Cornelius Most of the time Cornelius is mean and grumpy especially to his daughters. Cornelius is keeping as secret from the community as well as his daughters. The community does wonder why Deacon Cornelius goes to Kansas City so often for clock parts. Drew is a former “ bad boy” and he wants to make up for his past mistakes and has changed his way. But he is a newcomer to the community and people are guarded in their regards to Drew He is t a twin to Loretta’s brother in law. Drew had tried to marry Loretta’s sister. Loretta wants some adventure in her life and has turned to Drew. Drew feels he and Loretta have a lot in common. Drew is respected for he had some talented upholstery skills.  Will had twin children from a previous relationship but leaves the twins with his brother. Loretta had been engaged to Will but her dad had broke it up. Will wanted Loretta back and to become engaged again  and marry but Loretta says no.Will is very upset with Loretta’s decision.  Loretta makes rugs for the Simple Gifts shop she also works there. Then there is Rebecca who is one of a set of triplets. Rebecca is interested in Wyatt who is a farm owner. Rebecca was brought up english and Wyatt was surprised when he seen Rebecca in Amish clothes.

I had mixed feelings about this book. There was a lot of drama in this book and I don’t think that is normal in Amish stories at least not in the ones I have read before.I also felt there were too many plots or stories going on to make this an enjoyable read. This was suppose to be able to be read as a stand alone novel but I felt I missed out on a lot and may have liked this a lot better if I had read the other book[s] first. I felt Drew and Loretta's romance was rushed but I did love Drew wanted Loretta to have her peaceful happy family and life. I did laugh at times while reading this. I liked the plot or at least one of them. As I said there was things I liked about this book then some not so much. I think someone else will love this book just wasn’t meant for me.